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Slow miscarriage

I was told on Saturday that there was no sign of a baby in scan I had. 

I started with brown spotting two days before the scan, thought I was overreacting but obviously scan showed my fears to be true. 

There was no sac to be seen on the scan on a couple of 2cm clots. 

I have had light red bleeding and severe period like cramps ever since (I am now on Wednesday evenin) I expected a lot more blood and for it to happen a lot quicker. 

The majority of the blood is only when I wipe. 

Could this be the full extent of my miscarriage or is there more to come?

i have my best friends wedding in 8 days time and really want this to be over now. The wait is agonisin.

i am having my bloods taken every two days as the hormone levels aren’t coming down quickly enough, is this why I’m not fully miscarrying? 

Has anyone else had a painfully slow or really light miscarriage?

this is my first ever pregnancy so I am completely clueless.

i also feel nauseous on and off and faint on and off... neither of which I had when a was/thought I was pregnant. 

Amy similar experiences would be greatly received.


  • hi koo88 I'm so sorry you are going through this 

    when I first discovered a small bit of blood at 9 weeks when I wiped I was booked in for scan and was discovered I was miscarrying but it was a missed miscarriage as pregnancy stopped at 6w2d after another week to be absalutly sure and another scan I was given the option of a medical mc where I took a tablet to stop the hormones and was booked into hospital 2 day so later for pessaries but I didn't need to as mc started next morning

    i didn't go through the slow painful but I did go through my body not recognising it

    theres a group of us on trying to conceive after mc part 12 who have all been through similar and many girls have gone on to have healthy pregnancies, come and have a chat with everyone if you feel ready too and I'm sure between us we can help you through this xx

  • Hi Koo88,

    i’m sorry for your loss, unfortunately I have no advice for you, my Miscarriage was also a missed miscarriage and found out at my scan that there was no heartbeat. I opted for the surgery a few days later so had no bleeding or no bloods to check hormone level. 

    Like Mrs Rees said, pop over to the other thread where we all post and maybe someone there will have a bit more advice. 

    Sorry I couldn’t be any help but we’re here if you need to talk at all xx

  • HI Koo, im so sorry you’re going through this.

    i also had a missed miscarriage but I found out at my 12 week scan that baby has died at 8 weeks. i opted for natural and I waited two weeks. 

    i think it sounds like youre less weeks than I was as I saw baby heart beating at 7 weeks. You should be given the option for médica management which will make the process quicker. Have they offered you anything? 

    as much as I wanted natural I ended up having the surgery as my body just wouldn’t let go. they explained that sometimes ita just a bit of hormones hanging on. 

    Take tour time to process and try not to read up too much, you can come across horror stories and negative experiences which just wont help you mentally. I found the early pregnancy unit so helpful, they sadly see these things every day so they can inform you better and they usually are very lovely! 

    I hope you recover well xx

  • Hi koo, how far along were you? Reason I asked because before I miscarriaged I was calculated at 6 weeks and went to see the lil heartbeat flicker but was told I was only 5wks and they couldnt see anything I left that office with no hope and feeling pretty low and they didn’t give me much either. I was told to come back a week later and there was the lil heart flickering away but sadly it stopped at 13 weeks back in April. I know holding out hope can hurt more than help but I hope you get the answering your needing and recovery quickly. Join us anytime you need to chat we’re listening. 

  • Thanks everyone!

    dee, I thought I was over 10 weeks but as there was no sac on the ultrasound I have absolutely no idea how far along I was in reality. Which makes it hard to determine how much blood etc to expect. 

    Had slightly heavier bleeding but only when I wake up in the morning.. seems to stop throughout the day. 

    Last night was particularly horrific, I had terrible cramps, diarrhea (sorry tmi) and severe nausea. Sent my husband out to get anti sickness tablets whilst I rocked on the bed. But... through all that... not bleeding until the morning. 

    I am having more bloods done tomorrow and a scan on Monday to see if everything has gone/ check it isn’t ectopic. Keep fingers crossed for me, just want this to be over now! 

  • Hi Koo,  

    Ive also had two missed miscarriages as other people on here- when you had your scan they should have given you some options....

    I had the ERPC (operation) both times to ensure everything was cleared from my uterus and although it's obviously an awful thing to go through, it was quick & helped me to move on.... but others have had either medical intervention- to speed up the process or natural miscarriage (but then there's no time limit). 

    I hope the bloods go okay tomorrow- I would ask for medical intervention if not, as with xmas round the corner its not a great time of year :-(

    I'm really sorry to hear about your loss- to give you some hope, last NYE we found out our second pregnancy had ended in missed miscarriage and now I'm 38weeks pregnant :-) A lot can happen in a year.... 

    Thinking of you xx 

  • So sorry to hear your news. 

    I missed miscarried in august this year, they found a heart beat at 6w and then two week's later they said it had barely grown. 

    I chose to miscarry naturally. It began to happen when i should have been 12 weeks and went on for around a week pretty heavy then stopped however 3days later got really heavy again and was told my body hadnt miscarried fully. That bleeding then went on for 6-7 weeks. I was bleeding for 8 weeks in total and was not offered a scan at all in that space of time or after! 

    Hope yours passes fast xx 

  • I am currently waiting outside the early pregnancy unit for a scan to see if everything has gone! Fingers crossed!

    there was absolutely nothing to be seen on my scan just over a week ago and wasn’t offered one before that so I have no idea if I ever even had a baby. 

    My bleeding has been so light im terrified that they are gonna say this isn’t over, especially as I have my best friends wedding on friday! 

    Keep everything crossed for me! 

  • Hope all went ok Koo. xx

  • They didnt do the scan as my hormone level dropped so much on sat to 686. So waste of time going in. 

    Bleeding has completely stopped, all seemed pretty uneventfu, I expected a hell of a lot more bleeding. Maybe that’s why I miscarried? Not enough lining? 

    It‘s all very confusing. 

    Felt well enough to go back to work today so fingers crossed I am through the worst now. Having more bloods done on Thursday

    thank you for all your support everyone, means the world to me! 


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