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Am I having a miscarriage? Help!!

hi all

started bleeding last night, small amount of pinkish blood on tissue....started again this morning but redder and some cramps! 

Has anyone else had this?!


  • I had this and was sent to a clinic doctors hospital and I had to wait alost 3 weeks for someone to tell me if I was actually bloody pregnant! I had this on and off for 3 weeks thought it was a miscarriage and it truned out not to be.. well kind of.

    I actually was carrying fraternal twins, which apparently happens to 8/10 of pregnant women, its just most people dont realise they lost it and never even know about it.. aha you may be miscarrying a twin..

    Or it could just be a uterine tear that needds to be checked frequently. Dont panic till you know unless you are in severe agony theres probably not anything to worry about. If its more than a cup of blood then hospital immediately if not its perfectly notmal and there could be a million reasons why your bleeding

  • Thank you, I am still bleeding but it isn’t heavy, however it is still bright red. Got some cramping but it’s not mega painful.

    Ive been given an early scan on Thursday as had a miscarriage at 12 weeks in the past....fingers crossed!!

    thank you xx

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