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Unplanned pregnancy help!

hi, I am 30, I’m married and I have a 14months old baby boy. I just found out I’m pregnant. I was on birth control but discontinued For a month because I needed a cervical screening and I was spotting continuously. I had sex once with my husband and the condom broke. I took a morning after pill the next morning roughly 12 hours later. now I found out I’m pregnant. To me this is tragic. I live in the uk alone with my husband and we have no family here. My child has been a quite difficult journey (pregnancy, traumatic delivery and especially after), he has few problems with food and sleep and the most difficult thing is that I had nobody to help me with that. I am currently in therapy because of depression and I really don’t feel im ready for a baby at this point in time. I am considering a termination but I can’t make up my mind. I would love to hear from somebody with a similar experience. 

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