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Has anyone else experienced watery blood/ discharge?

following up to my other thread, I have experinece A lot of bleeding during my pregnancy a lot of the bleeding up to 12 weeks has just been noticed when I wipe. my 12 week scan was last Wednesday and the baby seemed normal with a good heartbeat the next night after my scan i had Blood in the toilet and when I wiped but i didn’t worry on Sunday morning I experienced More of this bleeding and it was watery bright red. On monday I phoned the midwife up who suggested for me to make a consultation with my gp, he told me that my urnine sample came back and that I have a urine infection. I got prescribe some antibiotics and started taken them the same day. This morning when I woke I felt something warm in my underwear and as I went to the toilet I noticed there was the same watery blood in my underwear which dropped down my leg and a few spots on the bathroom door. the bleeding stops throughout the day and just turns to brown discharge. Could this be a sign off a miscarriage? I would appreciate some advice thanks girls x 

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