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MMC after seeing hb after 12weeks scan

Hi girls I post a lot on here but I don’t really get any informed from anyone who may have gone through the same thing...

anyway, at 8wks 4days I had an emergency scan due to bleeding, I was told there was nothing to worry about and that the baby was fine (we saw the little hb). Between 10-12 weeks pregnant I had spotting on and off, pain in my Lower back and mild cramps. 

At 12weeks 4days I had my dating scan and the baby was fine with a strong hb (scan was on the wednesday). On the Friday I had mild cramping and terrible back pain again. On the Saturday night I started getting sharp pains in my Lower stomach when I woke the following morning I still had the sharp pains and when I went to the toilet I had watery blood and blood when I wiped. 

I was 13wks on the Monday and all week I had on and off bleeding, the blood was red and watery when I was urinating it would turn to brown blood. 

I phoned my gp who told me that I had a uti infection to start taking antibiotics that was prescribed (assumed that’s why I was bleeding).

The bleeding stopped on the Thursday and I am now 14weeks pregnant and havent had any blood since. However, I’ve still got a sore back, all my symptoms of pg went after 12weeks and my stomach is just bloated I don’t really look or feel pregnant. 

Just wondering if this could be a sign of a missed miscarriage, and if anyone has had a missed miscarriage after they seen the hb at 12weeks scan. I understand it may be difficult to share your loss if this has happened. I have my midwife appointment on the 19th April. X 


  • Ive had a missed miscarriage but it didnt get fat enough to hear the heartbeat.

    I really hope your scan went ok!!!! 

  • Far enough***

  • Sorry to hear about your loss:( my scan went well thankyou strong hb x 

  • How was your appointment? I get that you're worried due to the bleeding, hopefully all is ok x

  • Everything was fine thankyou, the bleedings Coming from another infection in my urnine, something to do with my white blood cells... just waiting for a letter to see what it is x 

  • Glad all was well:)

    I had a loss at 20 weeks pg had a beautiful bouncing baby at the 12 weeks scan and a text book pregnancy I could feel my little boy moving at 16 weeks ( flutters throughout the day) he’s my 4 th baby so experienced in the feeling of movement! At 19 weeks the flutters slowed down I had a Doppler and noticed his heartbeat slowed aswel:( After 3 days of arguing with midwives for a scan they finally fitted me in after the weekend and sadly my little boys heart had stopped beating, utterly devastated . Never got an answer was 3 years ago now:(

    All I can advise is if you are at all worried at any time never take no for an answer and make sure you are seen:) if I’d been seen earlier I’d of known maybe the reason for Oliver becoming unwel but I’ll never know now. If I have another I will camp outside until I’m satisfied 😊

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy xxx

  • Your situation sounds very similar to my last pregnancy, I had bleeding at 9+2 had a scan at 9+4 and everything was fine nice strong heartbeat, I then had more bleeding at 10+2 (baby clearly did not like Sunday’s) had another scan at 10+4 everything was fine but they examined my cervix and found out I had a cervical ectropian They also checked for any infection which luckily I did not have, I then had more bleeding and was told not to worry and just wait for my 12 week Scan as they were 100% sure it was because of what they had said so I waited had my 12 week Scan again everything was fine still a nice strong heartbeat but they couldn’t do the nuchal test & accurate measurements because baby was curled up she told us to come back a week later for those things, I almost went back alone as oh couldn’t get the time off Of work because of all the previous scans and we weren’t worried because I’d had no more bleeding and had been reassured at all the other scans, luckily my brother came with me because there was no heartbeat ☹️ At every scan I’d been prepared for them to say that and then I let my guard down and then bam my whole world fell apart, I’d also found out when I went to have my miscarriage started that baby being curled up is a sign that something is not right, so although they wouldnt of been able to save baby they could of given me a heads up! I sent them a letter of complaint and they wrote back basically calling me a liar, I had to just leave it there and move on as my conscious was clear, trust your own instinct if you think something is wrong go with it, it’s your body and your baby, as missmyangels said don’t take no for an answer! This was in September 2017 I’m now 29 weeks pregnant with a little boy & thankfully everything seems to be going well but I don’t trust a word the nhs says anymore and scans are no longer reassurance to me, good luck I really hope everything goes well xx

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