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Need advice - going through miscarriage and bleeding on and off

Needing a little advise on the 1st may I went to epu to find I'm having a miscarriage  it's not my first miscarriage  last miscarriage  I was 9+5 wks that was 5 years ago but no heartbeat so go told to go home let nature take its course as I was and the bleeding  lasted a week and everything went back to normal but this one I was nearly 12 wks  but had a scan done and got told I was 6 and foetus  wasn't found only the sac was visible but got told I should  loos that within the next 24 hour and I did so I think it's all come away but it's been 9 days bleeding  had stopped  4 days ago and for past 5 days  i was losing  brown/black blood with a little bit of red only when wiping  but now my bleeding as started  again as anyone else experienced  this or know why it's happening I just want to get back to normal and hopefully  try again 

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