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Hcg levels dropped from 1555 to 1489.. is there no hope?

Hi everyone so I should be 7 weeks on Tuesday. On Monday I started spotted brownish discharge, on Thursday I lost a couple of clots. I went to epau they scanned me and said everything looked like it was in the right place but they thought I was earlier more like 5ish weeks. I had hcg bloods which came back as 1555 they said this was normal and matched up with scan I then had them repeated yesterday and they’ve gone down to 1489. They should of doubled apparently.. I have to go in on Monday morning.. has anyone had hcg drop and still have successful pregnancy? I’m prepared for the worst I feel I know what’s coming but you still harbour some hope! Can anyone share their story with me? What shall I expect on Monday? X


  • Oh i'm sorry you're going through this. How did your appointment go? 

  • Hey not great I thought Yesterday I’d fully Miscarried had contractions all afternoon and I saw the sac - I took a photo incase they wanted to see. which they did. I went to my appt ecpecting them to say it had all gone for them to say there was still a sac, Me and my husband were so confused. Turns out it was a twin pregnancy and 1 sac has passed the other is still there but has started to collapse and bloods have come down to 513, they are leaving me 48 hours to see if i naturally miscarry 2nd if not medical management is booked for 2pm wed. So for now I am still pregnant but my pregnancy is not viable and will end! I’m heartbroken but I can’t change what is happening! Xx

  • Oh i'm so sorry to hear this, i'm sending you big love - i've been through a miscarriage myself, and i know how heartbreaking it is. Be kind to yourself my love x

  • Thankyou so much xx

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