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Pregnant and scared

Apologies if not in the right place but after my third round of Clomid I took a pregnancy test today and it was positive!! So I think dating back to first day of period I’m 5 weeks (clear blue says 2-3 weeks) and the cheap ones are showing a feint line.


I had a smear test on the 15th June and bled (spotting) from that (i always do) but I carried on spotting brown / black blood and then had brown jelly like blood clot appear a couple of days later. The spotting lasted around 8 days and has now stopped. 

I’m so scared that I’ve had a miscarriage again. I’ve not had any cramping really (just a couple of niggles) this time around whereas last time it was so bad it woke me up. The bleeding hasn’t been particularly heavy just enough for a panty liner. Last time when I passed clots I could feel them coming out but I didn’t this time around and I think it was after I had been for a run. 

I had a phone call appointment at the clinic today but I forgot to mention the clot as I got myself all upset and flustered but she said it didn’t sound like a miscarriage and to take a test in a weeks time and if I wanted once I get to 6 weeks I can go to the EPU so once again I am stuck in limbo! I really hope this one sticks.. urgh I hate this so much, this should be such a happy time!!

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