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How to cope? 5 weeks pregnant and heavy bleeding, and can't be scanned for another week

So last week I found I was pregnant. We were so happy. i would be just over 5 weeks This week  

over the weekend I started cramping nothing to severe but I was a bit worried. Woke up yesterday and started bleeding. Went to the doctors who done a pregnancy test still positive so done an internal Examination and said the cervix was still closed so could be A threatened miscarriage. She phoned the epu but they said as I am only 5 weeks pregnant nothing would show on the scan so they gave me an appointment for next week. 

Last night the bleeding got a bit heavier and I passed a few clots 2/3 the size of grapes. I phoned nhs24 for advice and they sent me to out of hours. They checked my urine and said there’s a high trace of protein meaning I have a UTI and basically just to wait the week out for the scan and if I get worse go back up.

I am going out of My mind. I am trying to rest. I am petrified every time I go to the toilet. I don’t know if I have miscarried or not As I have never had one ( deep down I probably know but don’t want it to happen) I cannot stop crying and I feel like I am making myself ill. I just do not know what to do. 


  • Oh i'm so sorry you're going through this. The wait until that scan is horrendous. I've been through it myself, and remember going to A&E, and they couldn't give me an internal scan until 5 days later, so i was just in limbo. I didn't have crazy amount of bleeding, i just had brown spotting, but i did miscarry.

    I know it's so stressful, and i know the bleeding is hugely worrying, but sometimes women bleed in pregnancy. I do hope you get good news next week x

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