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Chemical pregnancy? Am i going crazy?

Hi all,

I'm new here but I just needed some help, advice, reassurance and basically a rant. 

So I'm not on any contraception. Me and hubby are not actively trying. We have 2 children and hardly find the time to even practice! Anyway we had sex on 5th August and that was the day after my period stopped. He accidently didn't pull out. (Sorry tmi)

We didn't really think much of it as I had just finish AF. My cycle is usually around 35 days as well. 

So yesterday hubby comes home with a clear blue early test because he noticed me feeling sick, very tired and had a strange appetite for pickles. I personally thought it was a waste of money. Anyway I took it and got a huge fat positive.  The  around 10 minutes later started to bleed. And have been bleeding ever since and have tested negative on other tests I've done including a CB digi and cheap tests. 

My question is, is this a chemical pregnancy? Can you get false positives? 

I just find it odd as I'm not really due on til next week. 

My head is a bit messed up as back in November I also had another chemical confirmed by the Drs, I was on the copper coil at the time and this is why I am not using anything now as nothing agrees with me.

Feeling very lost and really craving a baby now that I got a BFP although can't convince my hubby to actively try! :( 

Sorry for the long post, I just can't find any situations that have been similar. Positive test and bleeding straight away.  

Thanks for taking the time to read 



  • Yes it could be chemical pregnancy unfortunately. I'm sorry :(

    You should discuss with your husband if you want to start ttc. Don't have sex around your ovulation if you don't want more children.

    I don't know what could help to convince your partner that you should have more as we never planned to have more than 2. Our house isn't big enough :)

    If you don't mind having more start taking folic acid before conceiving

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