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Positive hpt neg blood test then period like bleeding

my last period was Dec 16 2018 I have a 28 day cycle so I start 2 days early every month like click work , 2 days before af was expected I took a frer and got a faint positive and took one all the way up until today Jan 16 2019 and all positive was very sick with the flu and went to er where they did a blood test that came back negative, took another one when I got home and got a positive! But now heavy period like bleeding and sever cramping with slight clotting . Has this ever happened to anyone and has a positive outcome? 


  • Hello! Just thought ill ask here first, 3 days ago I done pregnancy tests - yea, more than one, we did 3 and all came back positive, all goes great ,  we are both happy till today when looks like my period has started as it should be by my calendar - spot on, I'm just terrified now what is happening, is this normal? 

    We had unprotected sex on 4th this months 2 days before ovulation so it was early pregnancy and I had all symptoms and because of that we are just left confused and scared because this baby is wanted very much! 

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