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Hard subject I know, please help middle of a miscarriage

So I found out I had a missed miscarriage.. Baby only developed to 5a and half weeks.. Now I'm meant to be 11.. So I've already started to bleed nothing heavy yet.

Nurse said it's going to her sore and lots blood/cloths what can I do to ease pain??

What pain killers??

Sorry to hear about your losses xx


  • So sorry for you loss. It’s difficult to know exactly as miscarriages can play out differently. I had a complete miscarriage at 6 weeks and bled heavy (heaviest flow pass) for a couple of days then about 4 days much lighter. Don’t use tampons only pads. Pain relief wise I just took paracetamol and used a hot water bottle X

  • Sorry your loss too.. Thanks very much.. Going to get the hot water bottle ready.. Xx

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