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Has anyone had this happen?

Hello, this week i was supposed to be 11 weeks according to my LMP. Last week i went in for my first prenatal appointment and they could not find a fetal pole, sac was their though. I went back today and my sac was only measuring 5wks i got my hcg levels back from last week and they are 24922.2! I have not had any misscarriage symptoms at all!! I had a miscarriage back in december so i know what to kinda look for. I went in for another hcg draw today hopefully they have doubled. Has anyone been thru this before?


  • this happened to me, at 11+2 I went for a scan at EPAU and there was a sack but no fetal pole. 
    13+1 I miscarried.

    didn't have any MC symptoms at all until it happened x
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