Have I had a misscarriage

Hello can anyone help me?
My husband and I have been trying for a baby for over 5 years. We had just about given up on the idea of having a baby. On 4th of June I did three tests which all came up positive. One of them showed 3+weeks. When I read the leaflet it said that meant you are more than 5 weeks. So I was convinced I was further along than just a couple of weeks. I have never had regular periods. My last one was november. But all this year and especially the last couple of months I've had spotting and cramps. Two days before I found out I was pregnant I had cramping so bad I couldn't stand up and bright red blood but only a small amount. Everyone kept telling me this is normal in early pregnancy. So yesterday I went for my first scan as they assumed I was 7-8 weeks. The normal scan showed a sac but nothing else no yolk or embryo and she said it could be too early to tell. So then she did an internal scan and said she could still only see an empty sack. So I just assumed that maybe it was too early and waited to see the doctor who I was told goes through scans with people afterwards. But instead I had to wait ages and was taken to a room which was full of misscarriage information. When somebody came in she handed me loads of misscarriage information. I didn't know what to say. She assumed I had been told I had had a failed pregnancy and asked me about it. I said that during the scan she just said it might be too early to see anything in the sac. So she then said that misscarriage was going to happen but wouldn't say how far along I was which I know they can tell from the size of the sac. Because I was so upset she then told me there is a very very slight chance that something might grow in the sac after she had handed me all the misscarriage papers. She then gave me another appointment for 1st July for another scan whether or not I miscarry at home in the meantime. She then started talking about surgically the empty sac after the next scan. So now I'm at home miserable wondering when/if I'm going to miscarry if I don't should I get my hopes up and think that a baby could develope before the 1st and if not then why are they making me wait when they are so sure it's a failed pregnancy. It's torture


  • Oh my Goodness that sounds horrific! :( I’ve had two chemicals but they wouldn’t give me a scan with the second, just told me as the test was negative it was done and that was it. 

    I guess all you and do is wait it out and see what happens, which is going to be so hard! I think I would do regular tests x
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