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Lost after miscarriage

Hi  got pregnant absolute shock I didn't think my partner could have children I got to 11 week everything felt fine was looking forward to my 12 week scan on monday, Wednesday I start spotting went for scan there was no heartbeat they said something went wrong  round 8 weeks,  week later I had horrendous miscarriage was rushed to hospital  they got bleeding  stop  feel so lost but I keep getting thought  to try again is to early ? dont even no if my other half wants  try again ......


  • @Suz74
    so sorry for your loss.. take your time to deal with what’s just happened and your body will tell you when you feel ready again.

    my thoughts and prayers are with you x
  • @Suz74 time is the best healer I promise. Be kind to yourself and let your body recover. You can try again whenever you are both ready, there are no rules xxx
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