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Need advise- Pregnant on the COPPER COIL.

Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm 21 years of age and 8 to 9 weeks pregnant.

I never use these forums so if anyone could just reach out to me even if it's something you don't think I'd want to hear regarding my circumstance I just need to know that someone else has been in this situation.

Im quite scared and lonely in this as everyone and every doctor I speak to just hasn't experienced a pregnant patient with the coil inside them. Its not really reasuring and all I'm doing is preparing for the worst but still carrying out my pregnancy as normal. I haven't experience cramping or bleeding (fingers crossed) as of yet and I was told to prepare for the worst as it's very high risk to have a pregnancy on the coil. 

May I just add, that this was not a decision that I could make whereby I could have got it taken out as, the string from the coil had disappeared in which case, they're unable to try and pull it out. So they told me to continue my pregnancy with the coil in.

I'd just like to hear someone else's experience in this situation or even if anyone knows of someone who ad this circumstance before. It would be a great help.
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