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!confused! Help ... Is this MC or just some bleeding

6- 7 weeks pregnant? , Ive had spotting that started light pink brown , went to red and back to brown on and of for the last ten days !  HCG levels rising steadily,  early scan showed sac and yolk but no heart beat or fetal pole ? 
Last year I had a blighted ovum miscarriage so I'm obviously super worried . 
They told me it could be a miscarriage or it could all be fine . Got another scan on 31st July ! 
It's so hard to continue everyday life not knowing what's going on ! ? 
Is this too much spotting for everything to still be ok ? 
Only comes when I wipe I'm not wearing pads 
Thanks in advance for any comments 


  • Tbh it can be fine,but can be MC...only scan can tell really
  • I had a healthy pregnancy with my baby and also experienced this so don't worry just yet.  In my case, it was just old blood and it went bright to dark.  Let us know how things go.  Fingers crossed everything will be ok xx
  • Hi Rina54171, just wondering what happened with this as I am experiencing the same?
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