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Tfmr...cvs results....ttc

I’m not sure if I am posting in the right place but maybe someone else has been in this position. We had a high nucal reading and signs of hydrops at our first scan (11+4) as a result of this we had a CVS, the initial results were clear but whilst scanning for the cvs they noticed hydrous had worsened, so we decided to tfmr at 14+1 we had the surgical procedure 5 weeks ago now and having just got my AF I feel ready to try again, however today I got a call from the screening midwife who advised the full cvs results are back and that they’d be making me an aftercare appointment with the specialist. (She had mentioned that 6 weeks after the procedure we would be invited to an appointment to discuss everything) but because she mentioned cvs and a specialist I’m scared the results show something bad. I really want to try again sooner rather than later but am now scared the results could mean something wrong? Has anyone had bad cvs results which meant ttc isn’t recommended or am I being paranoid after what happened. It’s been a shocking 5 months, I couldn’t bare more bad news. As a side note I’m 33 and this was my first pregnancy.
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