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Loads of positives even a clear blue digital then this morning clear blue digital said not pregnant!

So I've done a million tests all different ones and all been positive some faint but theres two lines!!!also done a clear blue digital that said I was 3-4 weeks on Friday so decided to do another digital as you do and came back not pregnant totally freaked out so went shops got some 1st responce and positive !!!has anyone had this before??
The test is after getting the negative from digital what do you all think!!!thanks 


  • Have you done FR before this one? Just to see line progression
  • Yeah I have but threw them all away now I think there getting slightly stronger but thought maybe would be bit more by now!!!maybe something is up and not going right!!!xxx
  • this is a week apart would you say the lines progressing??xxx
  • Sorry Hun,but it's not enough for week apart...I would say it's will be sorry to say it ,and I hope I am wrong...but it was how my MC started
  • Oh really 😔😔 I do have bloods due next week so il just have to see how things go really was hoping for better outcome this time around dss times but thanks xxx
  • I really hope I am wrong,fingers crossed hun
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