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Pregnant after two miscarriages and confused.

Hello, I was just wondering if anyone else has had any similar experience to me. After having two healthy children I then had a miscarriage in November 2017 and another one in june 2018. I'm now 7 weeks pregnant and my head is all over the place. I cant enjoy it as I'm worried that I'll miscarry anytime now. I've told my midwife and she just said try to relax but its easier said then done. Am I over thinking it? I feel like I'm just waiting to miscarry again. 


  • Similar situation, except I had 3 MC in row withing 4month. When I found out I am pregnant I was terrified I will have misscaridge again. I been to toilet all the time checking for blood,the day of my 12 week scan I was in tears worried that baby died, thought I will feel better after I will start feeling movements  nope that not helped,just made me even more anxious...I had panic attacks when I couldn't feel baby, Although I know you shouldn't worry about movement till 28 weeks. My MW referee me to mental health clinic and said she will see me anytime just to hear a heartbeat cos that made me feel good for short amount of time..I been told not to get home doppler as it will make me more anxious. So I started to celebrate every week,at 28 week I was over the moon as I know babies can survive if they born at this point,but then I started to have reduced movements...and anxiety is as back, I have as scared about stillbirth...
    As I had reccurent reduced movements they decided to induce me at 39 weeks...I was more than happy. Was very pleased that they monetored baby all the time. 

    So he is safely here and I am over the moon!!

    If you feel you need help speak to your MW,call local Mental health clinic or you can PM me at any time x
  • Thank you sigsauer. I'm seeing my MW on tuesday so I'll be expressing how I feel and hopefully she will send me for an early scan x
  • @KellyM1416 doubt she will Hun...think they doing it only if you bleeding...but fingers crossed she will be ok with it...I had small bleeding so I had scan at 7 weeks
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