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Still bleeding 4 weeks after a miscarriage

Hi I wonder if someone can help
On the 10th of July a had pain and heavy bleeding so went to a and e I had a scan which confirmed i had a miscarriage. After having a few blood test my Hgc hormone was still going up slowly so they were concerned it was ectopic. I had another scan which showed nothing. They then wanted to give me an injection which I was not happy with so everyone agreed on the expected management method and in the last couple of weeks the hormone has gone down to 66. A week ago the pains had stopped so too had the bleeding but yesterday it all started again why could this be 

Thanks in advanced 



  • Sorry I can't answer why to you but hopefully the last of the bleeding will.bring your HCG down for you. Ive been through an ectopic pregnancy too. I'm in the waiting stage now for my first period since my HCG returned to less than 5 x
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