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miscarriage and bleeding again

i got married on 23 feb 2019. i got pregnant in july  things went good and we found heartbeat in ultrasound , suddenly after two months in the morning i felt some bleeding nd i rushed to doctor she did ultrasound and said my baby heartbeat is stopped so u have to abort , so i took medicine and faced heavy bleeding 11 days and then slightly low flow after 21 days blood stoped and ultrasound report were clear, then i faced heavy bleeding after 27th day my doctor said its ur cycle 5 days i faced heavy bleeding wth clots, then it stopped after 7 days now the day is 42 and todays again bleeding started, plz help me whats ths i am tired to go to doctor and im sick to see the blood again and again.. what shuld i do now what is the reason of bleeding again 


  • i just started my life again but again bleeding spots etc, when i will be normal , when i concieve again
  • never got any response on this site
  • Is it not your period now? It can take a while for your body to settle down after a mc. Really sorry for your loss.x
  • i dont know whats happening with me ... bleeding came after week , but only spots after 3 to 4 hours, 
  • Hya hun this sounds like your first normal period after the miscarriage. It 1st period will start around 4-6 weeks after regardless of how long u bled. I bled for 4 weeks solid after my MMC. . It stopped one full day then my 1st period started and lasted 10 bloody days!!! I bled for like 7 weeks solid bar 1 day  x 
  • yes today is my 10th day of period but still heavy iam also using xed capsule after day 7 , dr said that iam weak thats why it should be stop now, i bleeded 32 days then after 5 days blooded again with heavy pieces then after 5 days it stoped then after one week started again now its 10th day , seems that blood doesnt stop iam just tired of all this when it will be over 😟 please tell me 
  • I had clots the size of chicken filets. And that  was after an operation to clear out my womb as it became infected. They told me that itvwas probably my first period and was a very hormonal one. Just keep an eye on it,as long as there is no offensive smell and/or a high temp,it will eventually sort itself out xx
  • thanks for your repsonse. my ultrasound report is clear after MC , but when bleeding shall stop... 😕 is it normal to bleed till 10 days in first period after MC. its frustrated now, feeling that it will never stop ... when it will be over 😓😫
  • Hi, I have gone through a similar thing eshal1, I am 4 weeks post mc after medical management. I stopped bleeding after 2 weeks but every time i take a pregnancy test it shows positive. I went back to hospital and they did a blood test to measure my hcg hormone and it is still at 65, I have started having some bleeding abit like a light period with a darker colour to it than normal. Do either of you think this is a period or still aftermath of mc? I had a scan last week and it was clear :s 
  • my pregnancy test showing negative and my report is clear...
  • im confused when it will stop, its 10th day of period, and 51th  day of MC. 😓
  • The miscarriage can last a good 6 weeks then i may get a heavy period x i bled almost 8 weeks solid 24 hours a day and the last 2 weeks were the worst!!! Massive clots xx
  • hope it will stop, as per your experience , it means we wait untill 8 weeks, now its my 8th week , till sunday, uff thanks alot, may Allah help those who help themseleves. my miscarry date is 28th july , according to me it will stop on sunday, can u tell me when ur miscarriage happend.
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