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12 week heartbreak scan

So yesterday was my 12 week scan baby showed about 4-6 weeks and sac was abnormal was told to expect to have a miscarriage with in 12/24 hours and will be rescanned next week to see if my body has done it naturally well 1am this morning I was wake and in so much pain are these photos showing the end of the miscarriage now 😭💔😢💔


  • I’m so sorry for you loss 😔 I’ve been there and know how heartbreaking it is. Especially when the sac comes out intact like that 😔
  • Thank you I’m away am pleased it has and I didn’t see my baby 😭 xx
  • Yes that looks like the end of the pregnancy now- I’m so sorry you’ve gone through this. It’s 
  • Thank you the hospital won’t see me to make sure it’s all came away as I have a scan booked for next Thursday so need to wait till then xx
  • Awwww this is awful really sorry! I’ve recently been through something similar and it’s not nice hope your ok xx
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