Life after miscarriage

Just wondering how people coped after having their miscarriage. Did you take anytime off work? If so how long? I've been back in work for 4 weeks but wondering if I came back too soon? I work in a pre-school so surrounded by children. One of the Mums is pregnant and due the same time I was which really upset me. Feel like I'm taking one step forward and two steps back at the moment. Don't see light at the end of the tunnel.


  • After my first mc I took a week off. I was devastated it was worst time of my life. It was hard to go back to work, but somehow I managed to cope. I was lucky coz I got pregnant again immediately after with my son. Now I had two mcs in 3 months, it is terrible no matter how many times and how early, but this time I got my son and I find it very comforting to hug him. Otherwise I don't know if I would be able to take multiple mcs.

    I'm sorry u have to go through this, if u feel that u are still suffering take a bit more time off. Unfortunately it never goes away completely, it always drags in the back of ur mind. You need to try to accept what happened and move on. It is hard...
  • @MadDoda thankyou for commenting, it's hard to know what the right step to take is. Part of me is just saying to power through and accept that I will have bad days/weeks. If I take time off will it really help? Will it make it harder going back again? Just feel I need a break though, getting the point where I can't take anymore, me and my partner are planning a weekend away next month though xo
  • It will be hard no matter what u decide to do. If you feel you need a break to it.
  • But a weekend together away is great idea, it should make things a bit easier.

  • Would this be a miscarriage or am I overreacting I’m going to the doctor  but I’m a nervous wreck.
  • Sorry, but this looks bad. Going to dr is wise. I hope it is smth else
  • @Mommy1020. Did u go to the doctors and find out if u had miscarried.. How far was u. X x
    I do hope everything was OK. 
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