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Am I having a miscarriage?

Hello all, i know this is a hard topic to talk about but I would like some advice if possible, I started my period 2 days late on Wednesday, it was very heavy and had to change pads every hour, I was in quite a lot of pain (which is very unusual for me) when going toilet I noticed many blood clots all different sizes (which is also unusual for me) I didn’t think anything of it Thursday came, still the same symptoms as Wednesday, but late at night I noticed a grey blood clot, it was quite hard to touch, it freaked me out, I looked it up on google and seen similar pictures of what a miscarriage looks like so I didn’t know what to do. Friday came, I’m now lightly bleeding, no blood clots, no pain, nothing, unfortunately haven’t been to the doctors as I were at work. I’m currently using no contraceptives, I am sexually actively, and also have done 3 pregnancy tests which all came back negative... Please help me out, thank you
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