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Why is my period always late after a miscarriage ?

I had a miscarriage July last year at 15weeks, after being induced (horrific) and 20 hours of labour I was sent in for a removal surgery as I lost too much blood. 
I got my first period on the 25th September. Second period came mostly on time but since then I am always around 2 weeks late. Today I am 18days late with a negative pregnancy test the other day. 

Should I start to be concerned ? 
I was trying to avoid the doctors, tired of being poked... help ? 


  • I'm so sorry for your loss.

    Mc almost always causes cycles to vary. I had 5 and my cycles length and ovulation date is different every time. I ovulate between cd10-19 and cycles are 25-35 days long, but if u were so far in ur pregnancy ur variability maybe even worse. I always temp bbt so I know everything about my cycle. If u want to know what is happening to you and increase ur chances of getting pregnant I suggest you start tracking bbt and maybe do opk too. 

    It is possible u ovulated very late and hence long cycle  if ur very worried u should talk to dr, but either way, without tracking it maybe very hard to watch egg. 

  • I’m sorry for your loss too, 
    thank you for your response 
    much appreciated 
  • Any time, I'm happy to help if I can. Good luck
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