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when to try again?

unfortunately i lost our little angel baby at 7 weeks and 2 days not long ago. we both feel emotionally ready and i am physically well and fit. i have been reading a lot that a woman’s fertility is high after a MC is this true or a wise tale? also does anyone have any success stories that they would like to share with me please? 

hope everyone is well X


  • Hi, if ur dr doesn't give u any reason not to try, then normally u can try straight away after mc, as long as ur ready. I personally believe that fertility increase after mc, I got pregnant with my son straight after mc before my first period. Then I got pregnant many more times after later mcs, but unfortunately no happy story there. X
  • @MadDoda thank you for sharing! i am so sorry to hear about you losses! i wish you all the best❤️ x
  • Hi i miscarriaged at 6wk my bleed as stopped hcg as gone how long to wait before trying again been try 3 years from coming off provera injection so first positive pregnancy ending in miscarriage 
  • @Hayleylouise89 we went through a miscarriage after trying for 3 years, which included failed fertility treatment, we conceived that pregnancy naturally so it was even more devastating as it ment we lost our funding for IVF, I had a period and then we got pregnant again naturally and now have a beautiful, nearly 1 year old!
    How it took 3 years to get even 1 pregnancy even with fertility treatment and to then get pregnant again straight away just baffles me!! I hope this gives you a little bit of hope to hang on to at such a crushing time!
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