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Ovulating 10 days after D&C?

Hi mommas,
it’s been about 10 days after my D&c (mmc at 7 weeks :( ). The recovery has been relatively smooth—light spotting that’s almost completely gone, hcg is almost all the way out. 


I’ve had some some sharp pain on my left side I thought was from the procedure, but then I thought it could be ovulation pains. I took a pregnancy test and ovulation test and above were the results. Websites say you start ovulating at about 2 weeks after miscarriage.. is it possible to start at 10 days after? Can the second line be present bc of trace amounts of HCG? 

The internet is so unclear. We have to wait a full period to start trying again anyway, but it would be just so great to know that my body is doing what it needs to again. I have fear that I lost my chance at having a child. I’d be thrilled if I was ovulating right now. 

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