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First period after miscarriage


I miscarried on 4th July which is 5 weeks ago. I’ve not had my first period yet and was wondering when everyone had their first one? 

Google says 4-6 weeks but just hoping I don’t get one so I’m pregnant or get one soon to I can track my ovulation and periods etc 



  • Have you tracked when you may have ovulated or done a pregnancy test to see if you are pg? I fell once straight after a mc with no period in between. And another time period started 5 weeks after a mc. It’s hard to know how your body will respond. Sending you luck & love x 
  • I haven’t tracked ovulation as usually so it on my period tracker app but obviously I haven’t had a period yet. I took a pregnancy test Tuesday and was pregnant so just waiting. 

    Could have been to early as I don’t know because who knows if or when ice ovulated! 

    When do you think I should test again if my period doesn’t come? Xx
  • I think it’s reasonable to test once or twice a week, even if it’s for your own sanity 🙈
  • Is it true you’re more fertile after a miscarriage? Xx
  • Is it true you’re more fertile after a miscarriage? Xx
    That’s what some research believes however there are always exceptions. I know of ladies who are still trying a year after a mc. So I wouldn’t put too much faith into the fact x
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