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Period or... pregnancy right after MC

Hello, ladies. maybe there is somebody who has similar experience. A month I had a miscarrage (7 weeks). It was very tiring as I had been bleeding/spotting for 12 days. However, on the 6th week the doctor detected the heartbeat and I was over the moon! but a week later I had a miscarrage.. My gynecologist advised not to wait and try to conceive as soon as the bleeding stops. that's what we have been doing! My period has not arrived yet, but for the last 3 days I am experiencing the same bleeding/brown discharge as I had when I was pregnant! no other symptoms (no sore breasts, etc, just some mild cramping). I could of course take a pregnancy test, but I am so scared I am pregnant again, because the same complications are happening. I am just fighting myself not to do the test as my Christmas and New year will be ruined as I will not stop thinking that the miscarrage is approaching. I will not be able to see my doctor this year anymore.. maybe better to wait for January? what do you think, ladies? Or maybe its just a weird period after MC... Perhaps somebody has similar experience. Sending you my best wishes. 


  • @Pelik hi, what was the outcome please? I’m going through similar myself at the moment. I’m now around 5 weeks since my miscarriage and had very light pinkish spotting one evening.. nothing the next day and then again the following day more pinkish spotting. I’m thinking could it be implantation bleeding or just a very unusual first period following my miscarriage 🤷🏼‍♀️. Any reassurance would be great. Thank you 😊x
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