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Trying to convince again

Good day. I had a miscarriage on thw 3rd of January 2021 so had my heavy flow for 5 days with huge clots. Now we tried again and the day after intercouse i had slimy discharge with little blood. Now only if i wipe its little pinkish color bit very little. Can it be that i already ovulated or can it be that im busy ovulating. I really need advise... 


  • Hi @Rolene90 any updates? It’s hard to tell, I think your body takes a while to get back to normal after a miscarriage.. I had a miscarriage in January too. I haven’t had a period yet and I MC 5 weeks ago now. 2 days ago I had very light pink stained tissue but nothing again as of yet. I have no idea when I ovulated either. I’m currently getting pinching cramp type pains on both sides and headaches. Do you have any other symptoms etc? 
  • Good day. I'm very nauseated and get nad moodswings and bad headaches and dizzyness, I have had light bleeding since monday again so i don't t know... 
  • @Rolene90 Hi, it’s so frustrating isn’t it? Have you taken a pregnancy test? I’ve taken a few this last couple of days and they have been extremely faint lines.. I’m wondering if it’s still picking up HCG in my system 😔. I’m not convinced I’m newly pregnant at all but it’s frustrating as either way I’ll have to wait longer to see what’s happening.  
  • I did take one this moring but BFN I'm so frustrated. Didn't struggle like this with my first pregnancy with my daughter who is turning 6 in march. So i wish we could get pregnant again before she turns 6 or 7
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