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Advice needed on miscarriage

Hi, I’m just wondering if anyone can help. Last week I had extremely bad abdominal pains, to the point I had to go to hospital. I was on morphine and paracetamol and could still feel the pain. It was constant and on the left hand side of my mid/ lower tummy. They referred my to gynaecology and early pregnancy unit and have booked me a scan in for this Thursday. I was over ten days late on my period but never even realised (it’s been a really stressful month and I just forgot). I did a test at the hospital but it came back negative. I had 3 days of this constant pain and lived off codine and paracetamol in this time. The pain eventually died down on Saturday and then on Sunday I started bleeding. Very light at first almost like water and very light red. It also had discharge (ovulation kind of discharge) with red streaks of blood all in it. It then got extremely heavy and back light again, but is a bit on and off. I’m getting lots of small blood clots which I never really get. I get an off few each period, but we’re talking about 10 on the pad each time I go to the toilet. I’ve never experienced a miscarriage and tbh I don’t even know if this is what it is. I’m just curious to know what to look out for and also if on Thursday they’d be able to tell from the scan if it is or isn’t/ was or wasn’t?


  • Hi @Jades2409, I am
    so sorry you Going through this. If you took a pregnancy and it was negative, it’s quite unlikely (though not impossible!) that you are pregnant. 

    The pain you describe followed by watery bleeding sounds like you could have had an ovarian cyst that ruptured. Sometimes they rupture on their own (they hurt, but are not dangerous) which resolves the issue, so sadly you may never know (this happened to me last year). 

    How did it all go in the end?
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