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Miscarriage, is this normal?


on 15th November after various scan I had confirmed anembryonic pregnancy/belighted ovum. I opted for induced medical miscarriage rather than d&c. I took the misoprostol that evening, experienced heavy bleeding and clots for x2 days. It eased but I’ve been bleeding ever since which they say is normal. (Got to a point where a sanitary towel was not needed).

However on Friday (11 days since misoprostol, in the evening I experienced lower abdo pain and began bleeding fresh blood, I passed a very large clot which I managed to catch I tissue, the pin subsided after that. I was a bit concerned as I thought I had passed everything in the first few days. The next day again in the evening, exactly the same thing happened however the clots weren’t as big. Tonight (13 days post misoprostol) it happened again; really bad lower abdo/back pain, passed clots and bleeding which then stopped. 

I know they said you can bleed for up to 3 weeks I just find it odd that everything had started to ease and I thought I was all over now I’m experiencing this? Is this normal/should I be concerned? I vaguely remember them saying if the bleeding eases then gets worse to contact them but It was all a bit of a blur! 

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