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Is this a miscarriage? I have a story time pictures will be included please help me find out

NicoleJR5AmCNicoleJR5AmC Regular
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Hello everyone I would like to tell you a little about myself & im 17 I’ll be 18 this year, I’m still in school I should be finished in another year…. Now let me give a background on my cycle how it works for some reason & I can go months without having one I won’t have a std or anything I get check ups & I can finally come on after months and only be on for 3 days….. now let’s get to the story… so on the 11th of last month I started back being sexually active and I started my cycle on the 27th but my cramps was really hurting after the 3rd day (the 1st of this month) like the cramps was really really bad I even got cramps in my private area & no pain medicine would help I mixed 2 different pills to help and took two of each & I was trying to get my mother & my ex boyfriend at this moment to take me to the hospital but they wouldn’t they was trying to tell me I was over reacting & but than I went to the bathroom because I felt like I used it on myself which was weird because I didn’t feel anything coming & when I went to the restroom this is what I found (I will upload a picture) and I had bleed out of my tampon… if you guys would really like to listen to my story & help me please ask for a part 2 
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