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I lost our baby

Hi girls, Im new to forum.

I was almost 12 weeks pregnant when we went for our scan last friday. we were told that there was no fetal heartbeat but they could re scan us on the monday, unfortunately I started to bleed on friday night and lost our baby by sunday evening. It was a missed miscarriage but a spontaneous miscarriage that finally happened. The midwife did remove the rest of the pregnancy as I was in a lot of pain when they rushed me to hospital.

Me and my husband are so devastated but the only thing holding us on is the hope that we can get pregnant quite quickly.

My bleeding tailed of for two days this week but its started again lightly today but no pain. Its only day 6.

do you think the bleeding will stop soon? I seen that some of you got pregnant before your period came, when did you start having sex again? I want to be pregnant asap.. Im still taking my pregnancy supplements and have started eating a very balanced diet. hoping this helps.



  • Hi Sarah,

    so sorry to hear your news. Its so awful anyone having to go through it. It happened to me in March and i went in for an erpc.

    My bleeding lasted about a week and then stopped. I gave it a month until we started having sex again as i felt that it was all a bit too wierd and too soon.
    Sorry i cant be any help with the getting pregnant again as i decided to wait a bit.

    take care.
    kate x
  • Hey I was almost 12 weeks with twins when i had MC in march i bled for over a week and i had sex 3 weeks after mc didnt catch the first month but did in the second and im expecting baby bean n.3 in Jan so it can happen quickly but make sure you are recovered too image I found gettin preg quick helped but doesnt do it for everyone xxx Good luck and sorry for your loss image xxx
  • Hi hun,

    Sorry you've had to join us over here. My bleeding lasted about 10 days and I passed the baby on day 7. I found it began to tail off quite quickly after this.

    I was told to count cd1 as the day you started bleeding so look out for ov around cd 14. We have carried on trying straight away, still waiting for af or bfp though, grrrr!!

    Good luck!!
  • Hi there,
    sorry I can't help with your questions, as I'm still bleeding from my MMC but just wanted to say sorry for your loss and I hope u don't have to stay here for too long (meant in the nicest way possible) fingers crossed for a super, sticky bean next time XXXXXXX
  • I am so sorry to hear your news.

    Same here, I miscarried in feb and I my body has only just recovered and I am due my period this week.

    Just do whatever feels right to you - but do make sure your body is recovered. It does have a massive impact on your hormones and all. xxx
  • Hi girls, Im so sorry to hear of your losses too.. it is the hardest time and there are no words to describe how it feels. Im back at work tomorrow and dreading it.
    My bleeding has stopped but im going to wait for another week before we have sex again depending on how I feel down there. Im ready to try again but just want to let my body heal. Im due to ovulate I think 14 days after, the midwife said 2-4 weeks and that I should bleed my first AF 6 weeks. Im praying that im one of the lucky ones who catch a good egg and have a real sticky bean this time.

    good luck to all of you. Im so sorry this has happened to all of us.

  • I'm so sorry to hear of your MC.

    I really feel for what you went through, We had our 12 wk scan and all was fine, saw heartbeat and legs kicking then 3 wks later I'd had some bleeding and went to EPU and baby had died measuring the same as it had the day we were scanned. Had to have ERPC, this all happend 5-6 wks ago and just had AF and going to start trying again this morth.

    It makes it so much harder that you think everything ok and are told without any warning.

    Like you I am desperate to the pg again, its all I can think about, we're going to do our best this month and i fear if it doesn't happen I'll be heartbroken all over again but what else can you do??

    I bled for a week after ERPC and had sex 2 days after the bleeding stopped.

    I hope today has been ok going back work, it's v soon so if you need more time, I'm sure your GP would sign you off. I had 3 wks off after ERPC, I really needed that time to get my head together or would have been a crying wreak!! You need to let your body recover too as you've lost a lot of blood, Take it easy!!

    Welcome to the forum, am sorry that you've had to come here, take care and good luck xxx
  • So sorry for your loss. On one hand, trying again soon can help you because it will give you new hope and joy, but on the other hand, you want to make sure you have recovered, and don't become distressed more than you already are - by thinking that you MUST get pg straight away.

    Good luck xx
  • Hi girls, thank you Amber for your post, im so sorry that you have went through this too.. even worse having found a heartbeat. there is nothing anyone can do or say..

    it was my first day back to work today, I wish I never went because some people did not speak to me and loads of people said "it was meant to be" "its better this way" was it planned?, if not its fine. your young"
    I hate everyone right now for the stupid comments and it feels so heartless. I felt like screaming. then my boss was crap and told me of for not calling everyday!
    Im glad I got it over with but part of me feels like saying " I dont give a shit about any of this job!"

    my world is starting my family now.. its all I care about. my bleeding has been gone for 2 days now.. I was thinking about seeing if we could have sex tonight but im a little scared in case it hurts, in case I bleed again image

  • Hi there, firstly so sorry to hear of your loss. I can identify with your post, it was hard for me going back to work, I was off for about 3 weeks in total, I suffered a missed miscarriage, opted for the ERPC op, but got an infection after, so was quite poorly and on 2 lots of antibiotics.

    Anyway, the first day back was very hard, I work with one woman, the rest are men. Most didn't really talk as I guess they didn't really know what to say. Fortunately I didn't really get any silly comments, I think sometimes people just don't know what to say, but feel they have to say something, if you know what I mean?

    Anyway, only start trying again when you feel ready sweet. Personally, I wanted to wait for two AFs before trying to conceive again. I even waited a while after my bleeding had stopped too as was really scared to make love again. The first time was really emotional too. Just listen to your body.

    Take care,

    Love & Light Zxx
  • I know it's old post but just wanted to say that you all who had my and hopefully got pregnant again have a 5 year old by now.

    I had miscarriage just over a year ago and I have a 3 month old beautiful daughter snoring next to me now. It was our first pregnancy and we planed it but it's just happened. Only was around 6 weeks but we new that we expecting and it was devastating. Bleeding started on Monday evening same night when to see doctor and he not even checked me just said sometimes you still can get period even if you pregnant but same night started very painful heavy bleeding and that was it. Felt like it was taken from us and there was no answer why. When to see GPS on friday he checked me and said that it was a miscarriage and he was very understanding. We did said that it is unfortunately very common but it doesn't easier the pain and he said that he and his wife been through it as well. Didn't help that same week while I was going through it my OH came home from work telling that there is other girl we know at work pregnant. It was devastating because she was 6 weeks pregnant as we were and she never planed it and we all knew that she is a smoker drinking heavily and using drugs. She had a baby on same week as our miscarried baba was meant to be born.Life socks. Anyway as soon as I got my blood results back saying that my hcg levels are back to 0 we started again. And within a month felt pregnant again. So we have our beautiful baby now but I still cry every time I think about our lost baby. He/she might not even looked like a baby but he/she was our baby and will never be forgotten. I know she's only 3 month now but from first week since she's here I was telling her that she need to be thankful to little baba in heaven that she's here and that her sister/brother wanted her to come to us and to make us happy again.

    Lots of hugs to everyone who's going through this  at the moment

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