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2 mmc in a row...

Hi Ladies, I just wondered how many of us have had 2 mmc (or mc) in a row and then gone onto have a successfuly pregnancy?

Also, as they don't count recurrent miscarriage until you have had 3 in a row(!), are you able to request any tests or anything after 2? If so, what tests did you have??

We have just had our second mmc and had my op on Wed of this week. I just can't beleive it has happened again, and in the space of just four months!! However, when I asked at the hospital about blood tests etc they said they wouldn't do anything and I would just have to go to my doc. Apparently if they started doing tests etc on women who have had 2, they would be inundated and wouldn't be able to keep up!! Nice!!

I am making an appt with my doc for a couple of weeks and am going to push for some tests, I want to have low iron/ferritin tests and a few others (I must admit I have googled a fair bit!). If he won't refer me, think I may find out about having some done privately. I have no idea if that would be expensive or not tho!! I also don't feel that I have age on my side either, I'm 36!

The thing is, I need to know really before we even think about trying again. If it is something as simple as taking tablets or doing something different in the beginning, I need to know. I can't go through this again.

Can anyone share any experiences on any of the above???

Thank you for reading...


PS So sorry, its turned into a long post...


  • Hi hun,
    Firstly, so sorry to hear about your miscarriages. I had miscarriages in August 09 and October 09 (d&c) and then fell pregnant again after 1 AF and am now 38+3.
    I wasn't given any extra tests or anything as they just put it down to 'bad luck'. Even when I was pregnant again I wasn't given any extra scans or tests, just the normal ones. Although I did pay for a private scan at about 7 weeks.I didn't do anything differently with this pregnancy, so I suppose before it was just one of those things, even though that was very hard to believe at the time!
    Good luck with your next pregnancy.
  • hey hun, so sorry to hear you are having to go through this again. My thoughts are with you and I hope you are ok. With regards to investigation for recurrent mc, the reason they only investigate after 3 is that they say that having 2 does not increase your chances of a third and you have as much chance of having a healthy pregnancy the third time as anyone else. I would be pulling my hair out though and be wanting all the tests. They basically test you for clotting disorders (antiphospolipd syndrome) anatomical abnormalities (eg odd shaped uterus) nd a few other bits. My friend had 2 mcc and got the tests early ( I think she told her GP that she possibly had had a early mc prior to her first documented one). They found that she was prone to clotting and she was put on blood thinning medication when she got pregnant and she is now due in October. Why not go and have a chat with your GP and see what they can do. sending you lots of love. xx
  • So sorry to hear you're losing another one image

    I had a missed miscarriage at 10 weeks and a very early one at about 6 weeks, a few months later. I was really angry and upset that they wouldn't do any investigative treatment until you've had 3 but with hindsight, I'm glad.

    We put a lot into ttc and I think the trauma of the tests would have been an unnecessary added burden.

    I'm now 28+3 weeks pregnant with a textbook pregnancy. The first few weeks were really hard and I think I wouls have been a lot better if I'd been offered an early scan (we had a private one instead) but other than that I'm glad they didn't treat me any differently.

    As others have said, your chances of this happening again are likely to be no different than if you'd only had one miscarriage, or none at all.

    I know that's no consolation and if you're anything like me you're just wanting to scream "WHY?!?!" at the top of your voice, but sometimes there aren't really any answers image

    With regards to the blood thinning thing, I became obsessed about this and tried to get my gp to discuss it but he just refused. I spoke to a pharmacist but she was absolutely rubbish so I didn't get anywhere there.

    It felt like an absolute age before we got pregnant again but looking back it seems like no time at all. I really hope that in a few months' time you'll be writing something like this. You'll get there x
  • Hi Ladies, just wanted to say thanks for all of your replies. Will keep you updated when I have been to the docs in a week or two, and see what he says about tests etc. Zxx
  • Try not to worry, they say mmc is often due to an unhealthy baby or your body not being ready. I've had two this year and am now 8+2. I had a scan at 6+3 and they could see the hb, so far so good. Here's hoping you get some positive news soon.
  • i had a test done after having 2m/c at the time. i had to travel for it though i had the test done and found out that at 22 15% of my eggs are bad quality and that was quite high for my age basically the bad eggs that do get fertilized will carry a genetic problem and most of the dodgy eggs get relised from my left side but in april 4th 2008 i found out i was pregnant for the 3rd then 2 days later i was spotting an was having pains from my left side and was diagnosed with a hetero topic pregnancy where your pregnant with twins but one it ectopic the other is in uterus and had to get a special shot to relies the baby from the falopian tube luckily i still have both tubes with minimal damage to left tube i gave birth to a little girl in december 1st 2008 4 days early and shes currently 21mnth old and i think i am pregnant again as i took a test and it came back a faint positive but i had the test done again and it came back i have a less than 5% off dodgy eggs left you can have the tests done i went online to have mine done and traveled for it but you can get it done after 2 mmc
  • it was the Methotrexate
  • Hi hun

    Have you been to the Doc's?

    I sort of agree with Becarroo.

    We had tests for recurrent mc as you know & it was a very difficult time for us.

    After 2nd mc my GP referred me to gynae simply as I have a history of endometriosis & have a damaged tube so they wondered if maybe scar tissue was affecting me carrying.

    When I got this appt I then found out I was pg so was discharged to see how the pg went but booked in for scans with epu.

    We did mc that baby as well so was told by the hospital that we would need to be referred.

    We had to have genetic testing & you dont get the results for up to at least 8 wks, internal's, lot's of other blood tests, I mean there is a long list of what they check and then CD2 & CD28 bloods. I mc again during the process of the tests.

    All bloods came back normal & so I was booked in for a hysteroscopy to check my uterus & this was when I conceived again.

    After 4 mc/mmc I am now well into the 3rd trimester & they couldnt find any reason why I mc so many times so im under consultant care for this pg.

    You could see if there are some basic bloods your GP may be able to do & i'd be happy to look at my old notes & see what the tests were we had & let you know the names.
    I know plenty of women who after a 2nd mc have gone on to have healthy babies/pg's.

    The idea to start with of having tests was good but after the initial appt the stress of what if's was really hard for both of us. I do however think that a simple blood test for either clotting of natural killer cells should be compulsary for women who mc more than once.

    Good luck lovely & if you want to know anything feel free to ask.xxxx
  • Just wanted to say thanks all for your replies. I should get my blood test results back in a week or so.

    Laujai - would be interested to know that tests you had (names etc) if you have a spare few mins to check, would really appreciate that. Zxx
  • sorry hun bit of g/c i have never gone through this but just wanted to say i am so very sorry you are going through this at all never mind again. i really hope it is your lucky turn next hun. i just wished no one ever lost their precious beanies life can be so unfair xxxx
  • Hi Z

    No worries, I have attached a link to a website that I looked at just before we had our tests. This basically gives a list of tests performed after 3 mc.

    We had all of the bloods, I didnt have a HSG but was booked for a hysteroscopy but didnt need it as conceived with this baby.

    Hope it helps xxx
  • Thanks so much for info, will check it out. Much appreciated. Zxx
  • I had an MMC in Feb last year, when I found out I was pregnant again I rang my local EPU and asked them for an early scan, they gave me an NHS scan at 8 weeks which showed my healthy baby boy (now 7 months old) I don't know much in the ways of recurrent MMC's I was lucky to have a healthy pregnancy the 2nd time around but I would bypass your GP totally and contact your hospital, I have always found them to be more helpful and sympathetic to my worries.
    I had some bleeding early on in my 2nd pregnancy and NHS direct told me to go to bed (thanks for that) so I contacted the EPU who got me in for a scan that day. Its worth a try!!
    Good luck and I am sure your next pregnancy will be the sticky one!!
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