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Hi just wondering  if someone could keep me right, just wondering what the difference  is between sleepsuits,bodysuits and vest...and when they should be worn and along with what...I'm so confused image


  • Vest under sleepsuit. Body suit is just another name for a vest. I think. Babies nwed one more layer than us.

    Sleepsuit is for bedtime, pyjamas really. They were my favourite item of clothing as so simple and of I wasnt taking my children out I frequently just put another sleepsuit on as they dont ride up like t shirts etc, and comfier than clothes xx
  • Thanks so much completely confessed lol
  • Confussed lol
  • My little girl was in baby grows/sleep suits for months! She just looked so comfy in them. Plus they're easy to get on and off for the 5 million clothes changes they need a day haha.

    I went on the rule that they needed a layer more than you, so if I had a t shirt on, I'd put her in a vest and top, or top and cardigan. TBH it was always a vest and something else on top, that way I knew her little tummy and back would always be covered.

    We bought our first new baby grows at the weekend, so excited. Xxx.

  • I also dressed Sam in just vest and sleepsuit for at least first 6 weeks. More comfortable x
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