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Keeping it quiet.... a complete and utter nightmare!

I have so much on over the next 6 weeks, 2 weddings, a hen do and 2 girls nights out (ones tonight) and I'm having to think of excuses all the time as to why i can't drink. Everyone will be thinking I am piling weight on, my tummy appears to have popped out and no amount of breathing in was not this bad first time around. At this rate I am going to resemble a beached whale image

Why oh why can't we be 12 weeks already?!


  • I'm out tonight too, and thinking of excuses fast, I'm running in the morning and have a one year birthday party tomorro for 3 hours so up to now that's my excuse x
  • Same here, wish there was a fast forward button to 12 weeks, it's gonna be hard convincing people, especially as I'm a girl who enjoys a good night out, they will all find it really weird I'm not drinking, thinking I'm going with a mixture of antibiotic and work related excuses, anybody else got any good ones? x
  • Ooooh antibiotics is a good one! Hopefully they won't dig any further to find out why you're on them lol xx

  • I've just had friends round for dinner, good old alcohol free wine has thrown them off the sent. You could always drink vodka and coke without the vodka - no smell so they wouldn't know! X
  • I got on ok last nite, no-one even batted an eyelid so that was good, going to York Sunday to Tuesday with family, just have to get past that and then it will be easier, my mum, dad and grandad are coming too and we will be going for meals both nights, not sure how I'm going to get round it, can't use anti-biotics as said that with ds and think my mum would suss! Might just say I'm letting hubby have a drink a we don't both usually have a drink when we have ds with us anyway.

    Ps I'll give u York ladies a wave! image x
  • totally forgot about alchol free wine, the fake vodka could work as well, if i make sure i'm the one going to the bar for the drinks, and thankfully by time next set of nights out come round i'll be at my 12 weeks x

  • Becks blue is drinkable too if anyone's a lager drinker, that's also alcohol free!
  • Oh I hate this about the first trimester! It's such a pain felling sick, tired AND having to try and keep this bloody thing secret! Grrrrrrr.

    I'm going to a friend's for dinner next weekend and there will be lots of women from work there. Really dnt want them to find out. Also Drading it as there's no way I can buy fake drinks or sneak non-alcoholic wine. Considering saying DH is working a nightshift (which he does very often) so I will be the only one in the house overnight with DD which means no drinking. This is not actually a policy I ALWAYS live by but it sounds plausible right???
  • I think that's a perfectly plausible excuse/reason. Good luck!! I'm dreading going back to work and trying to keep it under wraps. I'm a teacher so am obviously off at the moment, but I'm really struggling with nausea, started at 430 this morning and didn't lift until 4pm! Going to be a long day of hiding in my classroom I think. Fortunately my classroom is on its own and has its own toilets (all be it little ones as I teach foundation stage children).
  • I agree its soooo hard to keep quiet. I never have before but want to this time but its so  hard esp since I cant hold my own water

    We had a family party today for dds birthday and it was so hard hiding my tiredness and sickness... then to top it off, mil, my mum and hubbys aunt decided to have a conversation on when and if we wil have number 3 - felt like they knew argh!!!

  • My other half getting itchy feet to tell people, he asked me when do we tell people? And why are we not doing it now and but we didn't do that last time?, he is so gonna let it slip like x
  • I've let it slip to quite a few people already, much to OH's annoyance! He's struggling to find a job and says he wants to wait until he's got a job to tell people, but in my eyes I could be 20 weeks before he gets a job! By which point, people will most likely be asking anyway. I'm finding it really hard to keep my mouth shut lol xx

  • We decided not to tell anyone for 12 weeks but my husband is going to be away for two weeks, with work, in Spain, before we get to 12 weeks so we've decide to tell the parents. My mum and dad are coming around today for Sunday lunch so...

    I've also told our neighbours, which is really random. A cat was attacked and killed by a dog on our drive on Wednesday night/thurs morning. I'd gone out to knock on our neighbours door, as they have two cats and I was concerned it was there's. It wasn't but when my neighbour was moving the cat he was struggling with the bag and Asked for help so I had to tell him.
  • thot of another good excuse today, that will be a good not drinking one, an inflammed stomach, and actually something i genuinely have but its not normally irritated by alcohol, but nobody knows that x

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