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12 week scan dates!



  • aww pink lullaby that must be so frustrating. must be done differently in different areas as my mw organised the scan on the phone at my booking in appointment. i should think it will be the second weekof oct as youre a day ahead of me x
  • Finally have my scan date, next Wednesday - hooray!!! Xx
  • Pinklullaby, did u get ur scan date? X
  • Yes I finally have my scan date through now... 8th October. A week today. Relieved it's happening so quickly, would have been a pain to wait this long for date, and then wait another age for that date to come.

  • I've seen our little bean!!

    Had our scan today. We have a very lively, wriggly baby on our hands. Took over 20 mins for them to get all the measurements. So relieved and happy it's unreal. Feel even happier than we did before now we know all is ok.

    They've moved my edd to 11th April.

    Hope everyone else is ok and scans go well. X
  • Congrats Ele, great news! x
  • We had our scan yesterday. Baby wasn;t being very co-operative for the nucal fold measurement, but we got there in the end with a bit of jiggling. They've moved my EDD to the 11th April too (although I don;t see how that's possible as that would have been slap bang in the middle of our holiday, which I can guarentee it wasn't due to staying in a very thin walled Haven caravan with the in-laws and a 2 year old!! lol  But the baby will come when it wants to the due date doesn't really matter.


  • I've had my scan I'm due 1st April but knowing my other kids I will be early and will probably get a march baby x
  • Pinklullaby and marieB we all have our scans on 8th!! Anyone else on that day?!
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