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11 fingers, 12 toes!

Hey everyone.... still havent got round to doing my birth story but I will do soon!

Hope all mummies, daddies and babies are well!

Im writing this post just to let you all know about Cailey.... as at some point in the future I may be on here needing some support from all you lovely ladies! And also for when I post some pictures.

Cailey has been born with an extra digit that splits from her baby finger on her right hand, and the same on both her baby toes. They split from the top knuckle and she does not have the middle knuckle so is unable to bend her baby finger.

We are waiting to hear from the consultant in the plastic surgery dept to see what they can suggest be done for her.
I dont want them to do anything when she is still so tiny (only 5 wks today) but in the future for when she has to be measured for shoes it may cause some trouble, and also kids can be cruel and I dont want her to be picked on at school because of this. Or to feel like she is different and cant wear nice sandals in summertime. I think it may also be easier for them to operate when she is still youngish and her bones are still soft, and so she never really remembers the trauma of being in hospital or having an operation.

Its amazing how many people have said that they know someone who has been born with extra or split digits..... I have even been told in some countrys they say its lucky! Apparently 3 in 10 babies are born with something like this.

Thanks for reading, dont feel you have to reply I just wanted to let you all know!



  • Oh wow - I'm sure it must be lucky!
    I agree that if they advise it early surgery would be best so she doesn't really remember it. I went to school with a boy that had webbed toes and fingers and far from being cruel we thought it was really cool!
    I think it can depend on the child and whether they are ashamed or see it as a special thing.
  • Hey we're here to offer advice and support at any time you need it - its awful to think of you baby needing surgery of any kind but its also amazing what can be done - where are you based - if you don't feel you are getting anywhere with your consultant i know an amazing plastic surgeon his name is Oliver Fenton - he's based in yorkshire and works mainly out of Methley Park here's a link to his profile there
    Jo xxx
  • I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we are here for you whenever you need us. I'm positive whatever decision you make regarding surgery you will have a happy and loving daughter.

    My ds has really bad eczema and some kids can be cruel but he has some really cool friends that outweight the horrible ones. I'm sure it will be the same for Cailey

    x x x x
  • my friends dad had this.

    not for the same reason but james had an op at 9 months and recovered very quick and remembers nothing about it! its horrid to think they need an op but everyone in hosp was so nice!

    Anna x
  • Hi hun, my ex was born with 6 fingers on each hand. He was operated on shortly after he was born and just had two tiny scars.

    I know that's not exactly the same as your LO but the op he had was very simple and I would never have known if he hadn't told me.

    I second LoobyLou, we'll all support you whatever you decide

    Just wanted to offer a bit of support and say I'm sure everything will be absolutely fine x x
  • Hi hun - I have tried to email you but there is no button to! Can you email me so I can reply!

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  • hey everyone,

    thanks for all the lovely replies!

    thanks for the link jo, I will look into that if our consultant isnt any good when we meet them!

    The fact she has extra digits doesnt bother me or hubby or any the family..... her grandad said she'll be the only kid in school who can pick her nose with one finger! shocking I know!
    I wanna do whats right for her as she becomes older, as we all do for our babies.
    Its just horrible to think I will need to watch her go through surgery and that really upsets me, as she's so innocent, I suppose sometimes I feel guilty, even though I know theres nothing could of done..... maybe its the instinct to protect her from all things horrible!

    Thanks again everyone.

  • Hey sweetie my nephew had exactly the same thing but his was on his thumb. He has had 2 lots of surgery on it and now unless you knew what to look for you can hardly tell, one thunb is just fatter than the other!

    My brother and his wife were distraught when he was in surgery and really struggled to put him through it, but they had an amazing consultant (somewhere in London, sorry not v helpful but can find out where if you want me to) and the fact that she cared so much helped all 3 of them through it. He is now 3 and loves his bigger thumb! Very handy for pressing buttons!! Hope all goes as well for you, but feel free to ask any questions if you want and I will try and get the answers from my brother for you, xxx
  • Just wanted to say thanks for all your lovely replies and update you all!
    We have been to see a plastic surgeon who will operate when DD is about a year old!
  • Ah bless I'm pleased they're waiting until she's a little older. As the others say by the time she gets to school she'll probably just have a couple of little white scars. Keep us updated on how she gets on

    K x
  • Great to get an update, I was just wondering about your little girl the other day as I remembered this post ... sounds like everything's going to be just fine.

    Helen x
  • Aww thats lovely to hear Helen..... its amazing how we all get close on here even though we've never met! I feel really touched by that! thanks.

    I will keep guys up to date, we're going back to the surgeon in may so she can xrays done and talk in more detail.

    L xx
  • Another little update incase anyone was interested!

    We have been for xrays and now are just waiting on a date for Cailey to have her op, they are saying it will be right after her 1st birthday. We dont know whether this means days or weeks, just need to wait and see! She will possibly be in hospital for one night and her op will take 3-4 hours. The plastic surgeon seems very lovely and very confident which is good. She reckons the toes will need buddy strapped for 6 months but should cause her no concern, or hinder her in any way.

    Whilst we were at the hospital for the last appointment we met a lady whose little boy has the same thing but on his thumbs! Its the first time I'd seen it on someone other than Cailey.

    Before Cailey goes for her op we're gonna take her to the ceramic experience and have casts of both her hands and feet made and framed as she may be curious when shes older. We'd like to do it around her birthday for the date to be significant also.


  • Hi hun,
    Aah bless her, great that you have a really nice surgeon, now you just need the date! Forgive my ignorance, whats buddy strapping - is it bandaging it to the next digit?
    Good idea to get casts done of her hands and feet, like you say she will probably be intrigued later in life.
    Let us know when you get the date through.
    Lisa x
  • yeh they will strap them to th next digit Lisa as her tendons are tight they will need to be cut so to allow them to heal so her toes will be straight! Her finger may need a wire in as its a bit crooked but hopefully not.


  • I hope it all goes okay, poor little bubs. Although I bet she will take it all in her stride!!

  • It's amazing how resilient kiddies can be. I'm sure it'll all go well.
    I like the idea of the casting. It'll be memories for you all and it'll be a reminder of what an extra special little girl she is image

    Shell xx
  • Hey....
    Well we have an appointment through for Cailey to have her surgery.... 3rd September. We have to go in the night before as we live a bit away from the hospital. Hopefully she'll get home the same day, if not the day after!
    The hospital have been really good, they are hoping to be able to give both myself and my hubby parents accommodation for her stay in hospital.

    Im really anxious about it all but I know its whats best for her.


  • That's wonderful. Well done NHS! I was going to send you a fb message about this ... I was telling my mum about Cailey and her op this afternoon! I know I'd be anxious too but it's def for the best ... and it must be routine if she's in and out so quickly! Your gorgeous girl will be back to herself in no time. My good friend's (who is also on here Tigger08 on Oct 09 forum) son had a cleft lip and has already had 2 ops. It was tough for her but he's just been amazing and is doing sooooooooo well now x
  • wow helen i just seen your reply on here!

    thats lovely to hear bout your friends lil boy doing really well after being born with a cleft lip!

    just wanted to update this thread again incase anyone was interested!

    Cailey has missed her last two appointments for surgery as she has been poorly and in the local hospital having had an asthmatic episode..... they wont diagnose asthma til shes older! She now has a new date for her op which is Jan 24th, again we're going in the night before. Cailey has just been poorly over last weekend and ended up in hospital again with asthma so we're hoping shes definately gonna be well for the 23rd/ 24th Jan. Hopefully third time lucky!

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