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A bit of news....

Hi ladies well I've joined another forum...

...due in November!!!!

Got my BFP today!!! Very excited! Bit nervous but overall totally thrilled!!!! It's all hush hush for those I'm friends with on FB!

Hope everyone is well? xxx


  • huge congrats!!!!

    sorry not been on much lately, laptop is bwing fixed and i'm using a friends notebook and cant seems to get used to it lol

    we're good, cant believe raeya is 7 months old today

    she is growing way too fast

    hope you have a very happy and healthy 9 months

  • Wow!! Congratulations fab news! x x x
  • Wow. What fantastic news! Didn't even know you were trying.

    Huge congratulations to the 3 of you.

    Sophia is beautiful and will make a fab big sister!

  • Thank youuuuuu!!! It was our first month being 'relaxed' about things!!! So very quick but lovely!!! Sophia is a menace but it will all be lovely!!! My family will be complete by the end of the year! xxx
  • wow how exciting big congratulations i cannot wait to have another but waiting a little longer before trying xxx
  • Awwww what lovely news. Congratulations!!! Im so happy for you both and i will be Shhh on FB lol.

  • Thanks again!!! 2 years ttc Sophia and one month with this one eeeeeekkk!!!! Had a moment of sheer panic last night but alls good today!!! xx
  • Congrats!!! I am a bi aug mummy and got my bfp at the week! v excited also.

  • ps what are ou doing re work/marernity leave? x
  • Awww yeh VixV I saw when I was stalking TTC, congratulations!!! I go back to work in April, I was on a 24 hour contract which they have amended to 0 hours as there are no hours in the business so I might look for something else, otherwise I'll only be there until October anyway! xxx
  • Wow! Congrats. Thats so great!
  • Oh my gosh WOW!!! congratulations hun, I'm so pleased for you image Hope you have very healthy pregnancy and all goes smoothly.

    I found my 2nd pregnancy sooo different as I was so busy being a mummy to Evie, I didn't have much time to think about being tired/sore back/swollen feet etc etc so it was a breeze! Hope you find the same.

  • Big congrats to you both its very exciting news so pleased for you both x x x o
  • Thank you!!! And linzi thats what I was thinking, I dont think I will be so self indulgent and self absorbed as last time! I was like the first woman to ever be pregnant but now Sophia is my priority so I dont have time to get quite so obsessed!!!

    Even though I'm a married woman about to turn 28 I'm still crapping myself about telling my mum eeeeeekkkk!!!! xx
  • Congratulations hun! You'll have to keep us updated!
  • littlelyns i was scared of telling my nan the first time and sure i will be next time i didnt want to tell anyone the first time !

    doesnt matter what anyone else thinks anyway - as long as your happy - v v v jealous lol i cant wait to have another

  • hehehe awww!!! I really am too scared! I was with my mum all day and didn't mention anything!!! She picked up a baby on board thing from mothercare and I went awww at the grandchildren on board one and she said I have a grand CHILD and I dont want to advertise that I have grandchildren!!! Ugghhh!!!! xxx
  • oh nooo lol she will be fine when you tell her ! you have done such a great job with sophia why shouldnt you have another !! you think this will be your last pregnancy or do you want more xx
  • Aww thanks hun!!! Yeh mum is always praising me on how I bring up Sophia, I guess she will worry about my finance and my ability to cope but I've never asked for help with Sophia and I've never needed a handout either! I will wait until after we have celebrated my brothers engagement. Maybe I will tell her when we take Sophia swimming then I can just swim off and leave her with Sophia hehehe!!!! xxx
  • Oh and I think this will be our last!!! xxx
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