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One thing after another updated again

Firstly sorry I have been so rubbish at replying to posts lately, I just never seem to get any time to myself at the moment.
I had my ultra sound today to see where my coil is and they can't find it, just as I thought! However they did find cysts on my ovary so I now have to go back in 6 week when they will decide if I need to have it removed or not. I also now need to have an x ray to make sure my coil hasn't perforated (which I think it has) apparently they decided that a scan would be better to do first because the nurse said she had seen the strings when I had my smear but I dont believe her and the sonographer and the colcoscopist have said the same thing. Cue more waiting and more uncertainty!

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  • Awww hun, I really hope you get it sorted asap. You're really not having a fun time of it. I've got my smear test booked for Wednesday, I'm dreading it but know the potential consequences of not having it done are far worse.
    Sending you a big hug xxx
  • Oh bless you hun. Really sorry youve gotta go through all this & the waiting too, how frustrating!
    And please dont worry about replying to stuff, i think we all have times when we're on or off of here, everyone understands. Sending you lots of love & hugs, keep us updated wont you. xxx
  • You are having a run of it at the moment aren't you... be thinking of you - let us know how you're getting on xx
  • ah amy thats just awful, i hope things move quickly for you. hugs xxxxx
  • hope things get sorted soon. xxx
  • What a faff and a pain for you - really hope it is resloved soon!
  • Thanks everyone, Im just so fed up of it all now and dreading Friday! Im really hoping I'll get there and they decide it would be best to have me in and put me under a general anestetic for it, I doubt it though lol
    Liz good luck for tomorrow Im sure everything will be ok xxx
  • Thanks, all went ok, nothing at all to be worried about - especially after having two babies!! In fact the worst bit was when I arrived as the conversation went (in norwegian):
    GP: 'Hi, what are you here for today?'
    Me: (desperatly trying to remember the long and strange word for smear test and wondering why it wasn't down against my appointment as we had specifically said that was why I wanted one!) Erm, I'm here for my cervical smear test. (saying cervical smear test in english and hoping she will understand!).
    GP: (looks a little confused)
    Me: To check for cancer etc?
    GP: (looks at her computer) Today?
    Me: Yes, thats why I made the appointment.
    GP: You want it now?
    Me: If that's ok? I thought it would have said against my appointment that was why I was coming?
    GP: Ok, no problem!

    And was then totally fine and relaxed with me and it was sorted in minutes. No discomfort or anything, and she gave me a quick examination too!
    Talk about problems with the language barrier though! Didn't help that neither of us were speaking our first language as she is originally from Poland lol!

    Anyone else that has their smear due go and get it done!! It is really not so bad, and not worth the risk of not having xxx
  • Oh Amy, sounds rubbish...hope it's all sorted quickly.
    Liz, that sounds so funny! Sorry, but I'm sure your tale has made anyone afraid of having it done not afraid least they'll have it done in English!
  • OMG Amy - thats terrible - hope all goes well for you on friday. lots of love x
  • Hope they get it sorted soon for you amy xx
  • I forgot to update this on Friday so here goes, first of all when I got there my appointment was actually with the gyne oncologist (I didnt know) who was amazing (and sooooo gorgeous!) we had a chat about things and explained the cyst on my ovary is 2.5 inches long and filled with blood so they need to keep a close eye on it. He sent me straight away for an x ray which has confirmed my coil has in fact perforated my womb and is lying in my abdominal cavity causing who knows what damage.
    So the outcome is that Im having surgery at th
    e end of next month and they will try to fish the coil out with key hole surgery and if its embedded they will have me in again to open me up depending where it is, they are going to put dye in my womb to see what damage has been caused and fix what ever is there, have a look to see whats causing pain on my right side, maybe remove the cyst on my ovary, removed the pre cancerous cells with lazer and lettz treatment and they will fix whatever damage the coil has caused so there will be other specialists on call.
    They think the op will take between 90 and 120 mins which will be the longest I have ever been under for so needless to say Im not looking forward to it. Its taken a bit of getting used to that there is so much needing done to me and obviously the risks involved. The good thing is that I will have constant check ups and the oncologist is sooo lovely however he said because of the way the pre cancerous cells are growing there is an 85% chance it will return.
    Thanks again for the support, its been much needed and appreciated xxx

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  • OMG - so sorry to hear all this. And I can't believe you've got to wait til the end of NEXT month before your op!
    thank god they're getting you sorted though. glad they've said they will keep an eye on it all. how do you feel about it all? you sound nervuos about the op which is hardly surprising but do you feel glad they've confirmed what it is or worried about it all?
    I really hope you're ok, much love jules x
  • Oh no! I can't believe I've missed all this, I'm so sorry, what a bloody awful time you're having at the moment! I'm really glad you're being seem to though and that they're moving forward with everything, I can imagine it is a scarey time for you but they sound on top of things and even though they said there's a chance of things returning at least they will know to look for them so it would be caught early on!
    Take care of yourself and hope you're getting lots of tlc now and after x
  • oh goodness that is quite a list of things to have done but it does sound like they are on top of everything adn keeping a good eye on you which is FAB! It will be nerve wracking to go through it all but hopefully that will be the end of it from then on!

    Take care and keep us up to date!
  • Wow! So much stuff to sort out! So so good though that they have found everything and can get you fixed up - hopefully asap. I know it must be pretty scary for you so sending you a big hug.

    I can't believe the coil has managed to perforate your womb!! That is awful! Could that be a factor as to what cause the abnormal cells in your cervix? Makes you wonder doens't it!

    So glad you had your smear done and discovered all this was going on, I dread to think what the potential consequences could have been otherwise.

    I really hope it all gets sorted out asap so you can put it all behind you and get back to normal.
    I think you will need a really nice holiday after all this!! xxxx
  • Good god that is a long list keeping my fingers crossed they can get it all done in one go so much better for you. x
  • Sorry i havent replied to this. And really sorry to hear you're still having a hard time of it, feel really bad for you it must all be awful, esp the waiting all the time. Bigs hugs, please keep us updated xxx
  • Oh my god holly - I cant believe that - but soooo good all been spotted and getting sorted quickly!

    sending cuddles your way and good luck xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Its taking a lot to get my head around but I think Im getting there with it all now, I have another scan on Monday to see how the cyst is growing on my ovary and then I think I need to see the consultant to see if they are going to remove it, not really sure.
    the good thing was I got to pick when I was going in because I need to make sure have child care for Holly for 4 to 6 weeks because apparently the recovery is quite bad.
    Liz did you get your results back? Hope all is well with you! The consultant has said there is no connection between everything and that I have just been unlucky.
    I did recieve a lovely letter of apology from my gp for failing to listen to me and take my concers seriously which I thought was really nice, she obviously feels bad about it so we will wait and see what the nurse who lied saying she could see the coil has to say about it.
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