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Icing on the cake :(

Does someone have a magic wand??
Or a time machine.....
I cant believe my life....
Ella has broken her arm in 2 places =/ She did it 3 DAYS AGO and i just took her to hosp this morning im such a bad mum.....image She didnt5 cry all that much and they have both bin clumsy i posted in BID forum about it they have loads of scatches and bruises the doc idnt think it was broken but xrayed her anyway as she was a bit sore to touch and saw the 2 breaks she fell off a chair :/:'( My poor baby she doesnt get it easy plus it always seems to be Ella she always gets it worse never Ruby image
The doc has reffered me to SOCIAL SERVICES OMG Surprised Apparently protocol because they have been admitted with injuries to the arm inconsistant of a fall she fell on an angle i wasnt there to watch her so didnt know how she fell and she and Ruby (who was with me) had bruises on their arms and legs im not hitting my or hurting or neglecting my toddlers they are my life and im hoping that social services dont take this serioiusly and realise i have been investiagated in order to get sam to adopt the girls :S I still havent seen sam so done all this on my own hes home 2morro and were meeting then apparently see what happens i have more pressing issues atm! Im so MAD at the hospital for doing this i mean maybe they have to to protect themselves but kids die in their own home from abuse and im a good mum or at least i do my very best and it aint always easy but i love them i couldnt bear to lose them....they fall a lot i posted about it on here i was getting worried ablout it and them starting nursery on monday as well i thought the nursery would wonder if i hurt them and noe the hospital is.....will the nursery be informed before they start? Id be mortified i love my girls more than anything im really hoping the adoption thing helps us as we have had home visits n stuff for it and social workers have been at the house but the twins wernt as clumsy then i really dont know what to expect eep............:'(
On a pregnancy front i have really sore ribs and am starting to feel sick again but that could be this situ and the stress im trying to stay calm for bambino but so hard with all this going on image
Sorry to rant again ladies
Eve, Ella, Ruby and Yellow Bump (21+6)


  • OMG - you poor thing. And poor Ella. My friend's daughter broke her arm a few years back and didn't take her to the hospital for 4 days as she didn't realise it was so bad either. You're not the first, not that that will make you feel any better.

    Although it feels awful it is the professional responsibility of the doctors etc to investigate this. It doesn't necessarily mean that they think you've done anything wrong but they have to play it safe. I watched Panorama the other day about a family who were accused of hurting their son:

    It's not easy watching but may give you some useful info. It does have a happy ending. :\)

    Good luck and I hope Sam is supportive for you,
    H xx
  • Yes, it's horribly worrying but completely standard and nothing peculiar to you.

    It's great you have an existing relationship with the SSD as a lot of background info on you and the family will already be known so it might not feel as investigatory as it might do otherwise, where they are coming in completely blind.

    They're acting in the interests of the children & if you can keep this objective thought in your head, then hopefully you'll better contain your anxiety which will give off the best impression of you, who you really are.

    Good luck and fill us in, I'm sure to say all is well and dandy image
  • You poor thing, you really are having a rough time atm!
    I also watched that ep of panorama and while distressing it may give you some helpful info.
    Like lizzie says it hopefully will be easier as you already have a relationship with ssd because of the adoption.
    And we can all vouch that you posted awhile ago about them going through a clumsy phase and that a lot of our toddlers are aswell!
    Someone was telling me yesterday that it can happen as they approach 2 as they go through another big growth spurt, thing of a gangly teenage boy and how clumsy they are when they suddenly grow!!
    I hope ella is ok
  • I don't really have anything to add as the other girls have said it but I just wanted to send you a huge hug and say we are all thinking of you. Hope Ella is on the mend soon too xx
  • Just read your posts. Haven't got much time but didn't want to R&R. Big hugs to you and Ella. The others have all given great advice.
  • I just don't know what to say! You're having a horrible time and I hope you can all come through it soon, and come through it together.
  • Didn't want to R&R either! Can't believe what a horrid time you're having hun. Really hope it all pans out okay, and that Ella makes a good recovery, and you continue with a healthy pg too : ) All good advice from the other ladies too xxx
  • Thank you for posting that link blonde friend im pleased i watched (Hard as it was) but at least they didnt keep Ella in hospital and they let me take her home alone that poor family! I hope my case does not go as far as court as i do have and explanation but as i cant say EXACTLY what position she landsed on her arm they cant just accept it as an accident! The thing with the mum covering his bruise i empathise with im totally worried about the scrapes and scratches the girls have im finding myself almost stopping them doing things because i dont want any more injuries but i cant stop them being toddlers! Her injuries are suspicious according to the hosp hence the social servicexs being informed! Thanks for all the suport and advice ladies image x
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