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Shall we get to know each other a little more!?

Hi ladies,

So im off sick and thinking that we dont know each other very well!! Thinking we will be sharing some stories over the next few months so would be nice to know a bit more about u all!! I would set up a facebook group but i really have no clue how to do it!!! So if anyone is technically minded we could try and do this!

So ill go first! My name iS Jenna, im 27 and expecting my first LO on 8th December! I have known my husband since we were 16 but been together 4 years and married 10 months. I am a physio And live in hertfordshire!ummm cant think what else there is to say!!!

Cant wait to get to know u all properly!



  • Hi Jenna and all the DID ladies.

    Im 32 and live just outside Glasgow. I'm a civil servant. This is my first and I'm due on 6th Dec. I've known my fianc???? since I was 12 but we've been together for 5 years. We are having a very busy year and we are getting married on 2nd June 2012 and our house is currently up for sale- I know I must be mad! It been on the market for a year so we hoped to have moved before now. So far I've had quite a good pregnancy and suffered from nausea for a few weeks,

    Melanie x
  • Hi Jenna and Melanie,

    My name is Stephanie-Anne but Steph is SO much easier haha. I'm 21 and known my OH pretty much all my life as our parents were best friends when we were younger and have been together just over 2years. I don't have a job at the moment but usually work as a nursery assistant and look after a friends baby.

    This is our first baby taken us 20 months to get here but have had MC in the past but everything is A Ok this time image Our baby is due 5th December. I've had lots of morning sickness sometimes in the evening aswell though but am feeling better at the moment image

    Hope everyone is doing fab

  • Hello all,

    I'm Taliah, aged 27. I am a nurse and writer. I work nights/ work from home so I can be full daytime mum to our four children. Daughters aged 7,5, 3 and one dear little boy aged 1. Dh and I have been together over a decade, and this sept is our 10th wedding anniversary. Life is busy and slightly crazy as dh and I are both quite involved in our community, and volunteer, but it's an incredibly happy life, so I could not think of anything to complain about. This is baby number 5, and we are very excited.

    I am so looking forward to sharing this next 6+ months with all of you. image

  • Hi,

    I'm 32 (always upsets me to write my age these days) year old scientist. I've been married to my lovely OH for almost 2 years and we are currently living in Cambridgeshire. We haven't long moved but hopefully should have enough time to sort out our new house before LO arrives (best get a move on)! Its our first home and neither of us have any idea about DIY... or parenting but we'll learn!

    Not been trying that long (since Christmas) but have had a m/c and a chemical pregnancy on the way can't wait to see LO tomorrow and hopefully find out all is ok.

    Mooomin x
  • Hi all!

    I'm Jo, 33 and a full time Mummy to my DS who has just turned one, I live in Hertfordshire and used to work in Marketing for a Pharmaceutical company (the cost of childcare was too high to justify going back after mat leave!). Been with my hubby for 5 years and married for 2.

    I'm expecting No.2 around 1st Dec and we were only trying for a month so have been really lucky. Not really suffered so far, slight nausea and tiredness but seems to have worn off now, am just exhausted chasing round after my little boy!

    Look forward to getting to know you all!

    Jo x
  • Ha ha, I'm not 33 I'm 32, clearly wishing my life away! x
  • hi all, im sally 37, i feel like the old one, been with hubby 6 years married for 1 and have a 3 year old son, i work as a nurse used to be emergency department but just changed to elderly admissions so i dont do as many nights. due on either xmas or boxing day, depending on which scan i look at. having a 3rd scan next week as bump was too little this week for nuchal fold testing.


  • i can set up a facebook group if you would like.
  • Yey let's set up a Facebook account!

    I'm Becky, I'm 29, I am mummy to my little angel baby Ian who was born too soon and my gorgeous princess Eve who will be 1 in August!

    I'm due 19th dec now, my date has been brought forward at my scan, I'm soooooo looking forward to a Christmas baby!

    I work with teenagers in care, demanding but a great job, since going back after my maternity leave I only work 20 hours over 2 days which means I get loads of time with my little girl!

    I love being a mummy, it's the best job in the world!


  • Hello everyone! Can I join in the fun and second the facebook group idea. Can we make it secret though as we have not announced our pregnancy on FB.

    So, a little about me. I am Lisa, I'm 29 and have been with OH for 7 years in September. We got married in August last year. I live in North London and am a lawyer (please still be my friend!!). This will be our first baby so I'm excited and nervous all rolled into one. We have 2 cats who are currently my "babies" (well, one of them is, the other one only really accepts cuddles on his terms!).

    Looking forward to the next 6 months and beyond (apart from the labour bit, can't honestly say I'm looking forward to that yet :lol: ) xx
  • Hi everyone image

    I'm Christy, I'm 34 and have been with my OH for just over 2 years. This is my 4th pregnancy, but 3 MCs before now, so we're quite excited.

    My OH is Canadian so we decided to move over this way last year. Serious M&S crisp and Thorntons white chocolate cravings, which I can't get here, but other than that, the life here is good image

    I'm due around the 07th of December.

    Looking forward to the next 6 months with you all image
  • my facebook is sally cobb with a picture of my son in a blue outfit. if you add me as friends i can add you to a facebook group i am setting up for due in december. hope no one minds me sorting it. x
  • Thanks Sally! There are 2 pics of boys in blue, are you in poole or claycross?! Are you keeping it as a secret group? x
  • I'm not on facebook image but hope everyone will still chat here too.

    Where abouts in canada are you Christy?

    I'm from british columbia, and am forever craving food from back there. I would love nothing more than a wendy's frosty! lol.

  • yes a secret closed group im in poole
  • I've just added you Sally! That's a happy little chappy you have, very sweet! x
  • jo im not sure it worked tried to do it on my phone, on a 12 hour shift tomorrow so if anyone tries i probably wont update til saturday. off to bed now been vomiting on and off all day. ps thanks he looks cute in picture but sure has temper now. x
  • scrap that last message it did work.
  • Hi all,

    Im Clare, im 30. This is my 5th pregnancy but i have no living children. Ive had 3 ms'c and my daughter was still born at 25 weeks last year. Ive been with my husband 7 years and we have been married for just over 6 months. Im a civil servant and my due date is Dec 6th however they will induce me at 38 weeks around nov 22nd (19th would be nice its my wedding aniversary lol)

    Id like to be on the fb group.x
  • Hello everyone,

    My name is Joanne, I am 28 and OH and I have been together for nearly 6 years, we have known each other since I was 13! We live in South West Scotland, where I am a florist.

    We got married last July and already have 3 year old identical twin girls, Phoebe and Grace, they're birthday is December 31st. They are the light of our lives, and we cannot wait on this little bundle to complete our family. I am due on December 2nd and been suffering nausea, and exhaustion this time round, but both are easing as time goes on! Here's to December!! :lol:

    Jo xx
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