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How is everyone?



  • Lady is broody-ur being monitored for swelling? I thought it wasnormal

    Perhaps I should tell Mdwf tmrw then....Glad I read ur post!!
  • Yeah, the midwife said that she will keep an eye on it, and that hubs should too. I think its just precautionary because my blood pressure is very low @ 110/65 so if that starts to creep up, they'll start to think i've developed pre-eclampsia.

    I would just mention it to your midwife SB, just so she can note it in your notes x
  • I had swelling in my last pregnancy and was taken into hospital with high blood pressure. They thought I had pre-eclampsia but it was just pregnancy hypertension, still dangerous though. I was monitored throughout the last 5/6 weeks of my pregnancy, signed off work two weeks early and put on tablets. I was also induced a week early as my bp was not improving.

    This time though, fingers crossed, my bp has been good and I just have to monitor it at home and see the midwife regularly.

    Definitely worth mentioning to your midwife, just to be sure!
  • Thnks guys definitely will

    My bp has been normal throughout so probably ok

  • Well LIB and SB, hope the swelling stays "safe" and you're both okay.

    I went to see my midwife this morning and bubs still appears to be breech which I already suspected. I have my scan this afternoon, so time is going very slowly. Midwife thought that they may try to do an ECV this afternoon but I read somewhere about booking in for it as if going for c section (ie nil by mouth) in case an emergency c section is required. So I don't think they will try this arvo. I hope it's possible to try and they do it soon, I'm 38+1 so it's getting quite tight for LO in there.

    Anyone heard from Wispa? Think she had her ECV yesterday...
  • Had the midwife earlier for my 36 week check, and bubba has moved from being oblique to being 4/5ths engaged laying on my left hand side! I'm now measuring 38 weeks (was measuring 35 weeks last week!) buy my blood pressure is still 110/65 so midwife is very happy. Swelling hasn't changed so I've just got to keep an eye on it.

    GP sorry to hear your bubs is breech. Do you have a ball you can bounce on, as in sure the 2 hrs I bounced for last night made bubba move & engage!

    Hope the ecv went well for wispa. X
  • Hey LIB, I do have a ball and I spent the best part of 5 weeks bouncing on it inbetween all the other things I tried, none of which worked.

    I went for scan this arvo and I was in luck as the consultant had just finished doing another ecv and thy were worried I wouldn't get it in if I waited for an appointment, so they did it today. The.consultant was really nice but wasn't very hopeful as I'm 38 weeks and its a fair size baby. He tried twice and bubs wanted to stay put. Consultant left it to me to decide if i wanted to try the steroid injection but he wasn't hopeful that this would make a difference as is let him forcefully prod and push anyway. But I said is give it a go as I was willing to give anything a go. Well, it worked! I now have a baby in thhe right position, although I don't quite believe it.

    I have to say it was very uncomfortable and if you have a low pain threshold, you won't like it at all. I don't think I've got an especially high pain threshold, I was just determined to get this baby in to the right position.

    So, no planned c section for me but they still want me to have the baby at the main hospital and want me to go in during early labour, just in case any problems. I'm not complaining, just happy baby is okay and head down...hopefully it stays that way but with the effort it took to turn it, I can't see it moving again. Heartbeat was good and everything looks good. Not looking forward to pushing thr head out though!!

    Good luck to everyone else having scans, ecv's etc. Hope they go well. I'm now going to be permanently on this ball to get this baby engaded image
  • Thats great news GP. Definately get bouncing as it's worked wonders for me this week.

    I've just got back from my consultant appointment, and the baby is actually 2/5ths engaged (not 4/5ths!!) and measuring small, so i've got to go back on the 11th for a growth scan, however the consultant doesn't think i'll make it that far because of how quick our little girl has gone from being 'free' to almost fully engaged (6 days!)

    So now hubs is panicking even more, and i've been instructed to make sure I keep my legs firmly crossed until new year :lol: x
  • Hi Everyone

    38 weeks now and looking forward to meeting the little man. he was breech but he's turned again so he's now head down. had a slight scare as i had very bad abdominal pain and ended up in hospital a couple of weeks ago. turned out i strained my tummy muscles carrying my 2 year old daughter!!

    i seriously hope i don't go overdue. drove me bonkers the last time. she was 10 days late!!

    Doesn't really feel like christmas - cannot get my head around it really! I am seriously nesting at the moment - cannot stop cleaning LOL!!

    I hope i don't upset anyone by this next comment, but you lovely ladies with Breech babies..have you done any research on the whole turning baby procedure? My sister works in theatre/gynae and has done for 20 + years so has extensive knowledge in this area. When my daughter was breech ( she turned at 37 weeks), my sister strongly advised me NOT to allow the doctors to attempt to turn her. It can be extremely distressing for the baby. It is usually done in theatre just in case the baby does go into distress and an emergency c sec is needed. It is also very painful for the mother and doesn't have a high success rate. More often than not, the baby reverts back to breech anyway. SO there was no way i would have let them do it to me. it's far riskier than they would have you believe. If you google it, you'll see the risks. Sorry, don't mean to alarm anyone but would hate myself if i said nothing and it was a horrible experience for one of you.

    Rach x
  • Hey gp

    So glad it's turned!and LIB good for u too!

    Mwf checked today and I'm still breech but I'm fine about it now and all set for c sec

    Got one more Mdw appt next week when I will be 38 so u never know it might have turned by then but Mdwf today said it's unlikely..

    I'm just looking forward to next Monday , boxing day sales when I can get last minute bargains, a trendy changing bag being top of my list!!

    Baby vogue thanks for the information , I hate to give negative news too and felt thesame when i posted info about group b strep- but better out Than in I say image

    Hope everyone else ok. Lovely to see how everyone getting on image


    X 36+nearly 6
  • Gingerpoodle thats great news, so glad it worked for you imageimage

    Sorry i took so long to update, turned up for my ECV on Monday and got monitored for a bit then consultant turned up and talked me through the procedure and i quizzed him with all my post research questions. He got the scan machine ready and put it to my belly and saw instantly that baby was head down!!!! Couldnt believe it, in the week between appts she'd turned. Hadnt felt a thing or done any of the suggestion tricks to get her to move (mostly cos i was lazy and also cos i was letting nature take its course) so clearly she has decided it was time to play ball. Got to see the scan of her and her cute little button nose which wa amazing. The only thing im worried about now tho is the fact shes not engaged and she could possibly turn back to breech and ive not got another mw apt until 3rd jan so no one will know. Wanna get her engaged asap. Do u feel when baby engages?

    Lady is broody, can't believe baby is so engaged, i'm so jealous image!! When they say 2/5ths engaged does that mean that 3/5ths of the head is in the pelvis so the lower the number the better, is that right? I get so confused.

  • At my last MW appointment, she said baby was fully engaged which panicked me as I was only 33 weeks but have always felt that this baby is much lower than my last one. No MW til next week so we'll see if baby still engaged, apparently its very common for 2nd babies to slip in and out of the pelvis.
  • Wispa, yes the less 5ths the baby is engaged, means the less 5ths they can feel above your pelvic bone.

    Thats great news about your baby moving into the right position by itself!

    I've definately felt a lot more pressure this last week, which would correspond with her being so low down. I wandered round meadowhall for about 30mins today, and it absolutely knackered me out, and I was only waddling at grandma pace.

    If you want your baby to engage, i'd recommend bouncing on a birthing ball with your legs as wide open as you can manage, or sitting on the edge of the sofa rocking your hips with your legs wide open. It worked for me x
  • LIB, I'm bouncing as I type!! Here's hoping. I went for a walk this morning and wow! the sharp stabbing pain low down was excrucicating. I had to turn around and walk back home, pigeon steps. Then, slightly TMI having already had my daily number 2 before leaving the house, I got home and had a real big clearout (sorry). I have since been again. I have heard this could be a sign that the body is getting ready for labour. Of course, I could have just needed a big clearout haha :lol:

    I haven't felt anything else. A couple of Braxton Hicks but nowt else.
  • GP I have a couple of days like that too, and just kind of put it down to baby having a riggle against my bowels!

    Have you had any plug loss yet? Ive had nothing but I will be on knickerwatch from now on, especially now that the baby is so low.

    Hubs has told me to not bounce for a few days to make sure we don't push her further down and start labour! He's petrified she'll arrive before new year! X
  • Will keep bouncing then hun, thanks.

    I've had the bowel clearout thing the last few days too, makes a nice change from mild constipation throughout pregnancy! The things we talk about hey?!

  • OMG!

    I'm 37 weeks in about half an hour lol

    And reading the clearout posts struck a chord, as today i went nearly three times

    And once i just about made

    It To the loo (sorry if tmi) . I'm due for c sec at 39 weeks so don't really want to go into labour anytime soon! I hope it's not a sign. My last baby was two weeks late I had to be induced at nearly 42 weeks so I wasn't really expecting early labour this time lol

    Oh well I guess it will be all fun and games from now on girls!

  • BTW nice one Wispa re baby turning!

    I think I'm the only breech left from the group lol

  • Well no pains for me. I think the "clearout" is probably just the exertion and force used by the consultant on my abdomen, as well as baby's position. I did have a fourth go before bed!! Considering i normally struggle for 1 a day, it was quite a novelty. I was expecting nothing today but I've already been once. Such a lovely topic!!

    No plug loss yet and I don't anticipate there will be just yet. Being that bubs has been sat right up under my ribs for the past few weeks, I think my cervix is just getting a bit of a shock with the new weight.

    Yes, well done Wispa. Brilliant news. I've got to have a scan in early labour to makesure bubs is still head down. Also, looks like I have a fairly weighty baby with a largish head!!

    SB, at least you won't have to wait as long as the first time to meet your LO. There's a positive in everything x
  • GP, I only really had that problem in early pregnancy, after about 16 weeks it relaxed a bit, although i do have some days where I can't go. The baby is low & it feels like she's sat on my bum which is uncomfortable.

    Am getting period type pain at the moment which could be the baby engaging further. Not seeing the midwife til 3rd jan, which is worrying me somewhat as I won't know how things are going over Xmas. My midwife is doing emergencies only!

    Packed my baby bag earlier so just have a couple of things to put into my hospital bag now & we're all set. Got to get hubs to figure out how to get the baby seat in the car before the weekend too (just in case). Anyone carrying their hospital bags in the car over the Xmas break just in case? X
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