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12 week scan dates

Thought it might be nice to have a list of when we all have our 12 week scans as some of us must be due it soon! Mine is 5 th December.


  • 28th November!!! eeek so excited.x

  • 21st November!!! Arrrggghhh!
  • i dont have a date through yet image or a MW date..

  • I don't have a date either image

    My mw is coming next thursday for 1st home visit.
  • Just got my date 20th November - excited but nervous too as want to make sure everything ok!
  • You will probably get a date when you see your midwife. I saw mine for first time yesterday and she phoned to get me an appointment there and then. That said I was meant to be there yesterday for my booking appointment but she has rebooked that for a home visit so I am still waiting on being properly booked into the system. She really just checked my urine and bp and gave me my notes and asked me to fill in what I could before the home visit.
  • I'm still waiting for my appt too....waiting for hospital to call me back with a date....taking a long time, its been over a week since I saw mw! I don't like this new system. image

    Plus I'm getting worried all is not well again.
  • 23rd November, just two weeks to go very excited and anxious. Got my 16wk apt with mw through too and my obstetric cardiology apt as well. They are very organised at my hospital, very impressed so far. Xxx
  • Forget that last appt arrived today!! 26th November. And my vbac appt 8th Feb! Oooooo now I have new it image
  • 28th november wahoo
  • Who is actually due in June first? And who's last?
  • Don't think I am due till about 20th maybe. I have just turned 8 weeks.
  • At end of the month i'll do a edd list then we can put the edd from scans on and keep track of everyone.

  • That wld be cool! Not much point doing it till the dating scans as all our dates could change.
  • Great idea babyboom. Was going to say the same thing babypie. I'm excited to see when everyone is due and if anyone dates change much, I'm pretty certain on my dates as know exact period date but will know for sure in 2wks! YAY!

  • Yeah i'll start it in last week of November then keep editing the post as people get there dates, then mid/late December i'll publish a complete list in date order x
  • My scan is 21st November. They gave me 2nd June as due date but I reckon it will be later!
  • Booglys mum.....I think atm your our first mummy due in June! how many weeks are you? what do you think your due date should be? x
  • Im due 7th june and think its quite accurate as i know exact dates!

    Scan on 28th...roll on

  • Scan on 26th! Same as you baby boom! just replied in another thread that I'm 10 weeks tomorrow too so we are bump and scan buddies, lol. X
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