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Movement ...

Are many of you ladies that are due at the end of the March feeling any movement yet ? I'm 14+6 and keep thinking I feel something - but then I trump! Ha ha !!! So I'm guessing that is just wind. I've heard you feel things earlier 2nd time round so am hoping I'll get some movement soon ... although my placenta is anterior (again!) - so disappointed as I felt like last time with DS I really missed out as I didn't feel as much movement as I should - and now its going to be the same. Boo hoo image


  • Ha ha!!

    I havent felt anything low down yet where I'm expecting to feel it. I was 17 weeks with my daughter so I'm hoping it will be soon!!! x
  • hahah trump!

    i have felt baby a few times but obv in good position and much stronger (noticed this at scan, a lot more physical than

    my first baby!)
  • I'm pretty sure your midwife will check the heartbeat anyway at your 16wk check ... but am sure she will do it for you anyway if you ask x
  • When I turned 16 weeks I started to feel little pops which I think were the baby. After feeling them I think I may have felt them earlier just not as often as I seem to be now, mostly on an evening.

    I sometimes feel them when I'm sat down above my belly button. Is it not too early to feel them this high up? I think I sometimes feel squirming about a little bit too??
  • my tummy feels like a washing machine, i get motion sick from baby swinging around in my tummy lol

    this baby is the opposite of my 1st baby!
  • I get that washing machine feeling too. A bit like being on a roller coaster. I get it mostly at night too. Exciting.

    I heard my baby's heatbeat yeasterday too and will be doing tomorrow with the midwife. Very cute...made me cry.
  • I'm 19 weeks with my second and I'm still not really feeling anything! Just the very occasional movement. Been about 1 week and a half since I felt anything now. This does ofcourse make me super worried, but now I am soon to have my anomally scan (next tuesday) so trying to be a good patient girl till then and won't pester my midwife with my 'worry' as I now she'll just say something like "oh they're all different, just wait till your can"
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