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Who are you having at the birth?

I just can't decide who I want to be with me at the birth. :?

Of course I want my husband there, but can't decide if I want my mum to be there too. I am an only child and really close to my Mum, so I think I probably want her there - especially if I have a hard time image Mum's are good at comforting! And they have been there themselves.

But then another part of me thinks it should just be me and hubby as we did this together and it will be nice to be a three - our new family!

What are you ladies all doing?


  • ooohhhh good one! yes obviously my husband will be there and i am the same as you an only child so really close to my mum....i suppose it depends what time of day i go into labour really as to whether my mum can be there or not too....i expect she will and her and hubby get on really well so i can't see him he is a bit squeemish when it comes to blood (although he keeps telling me he will be fine as it will be his baby coming out) i still think it will be good for my mum to be there in case he turns out to be useless and i end up comforting him! :lol:
  • Ha ha ha loops - I know what you mean about ending up comforting hubby - mine says he's not sure how good he will be at "the business end"! :lol:

    I think like you it will all be about timing - my mum lives quite far away and is planning on taking some holiday so she can come up to me around my due date, but who knows when baby will arrive!
  • Just my OH will be there - that's what we did last time. For me, it was such a personal thing, I wouldn't have wanted anyone else there (even though my mum was a MW for years!). I loved it just being the two of us. My OH is very squemish too but he totally rose to the challenge & was a fantastic support xx
  • It'll just be me and hubby. It was just the two of us last time and to be honest I just got on with it and all he did was make sure I didn't fall off the bed LOL! My mum was there when I was brought out of theatre though which was really nice as I hadn't expected her to be- but after the brief uninformative texts my hubs had sent her about me being taken into theatre she'd panicked and come straight to the hospital :lol:
  • I had originally said I only wanted trained professionals with me but now I've said OH can be there as long as he steers clear of the business end! I'm nervous I'll poo myself! Lol
  • Ha ha ha @sjw1984 :lol: I am worried about poo as well- I know that doctors and midwives won't mind as they've seen it all before, but don't want hubby to see it!!
  • g/c and sorry if tmi but I will have hubby only with me, like last time when I pooed everywhere!......but with hubby at head end I don't think he even noticed, and it was cleaned up in a flash by excellent midwives who aren't bothered at all!
  • Haha - I'm so feared of pooping!!

    I think I'm gonna have my mum with me and hubby. As great as hubster is, he's a bit of a panicer and I think he'd quite like someone else there to help him!!

  • I'll have my husband there. He was a fantastic birth partner last time so I hope he will be just as good this time. He went to the business end and cut the cord and everything. His description of the head looking like a potato when it was coming out was not very helpful though!
  • I am having my husband and my mum. I had them both at the birth of my ds and to be honest it was great to have the 2 of them to support. My mum was a real calming influence when things looked like they might go a bit pear shaped. It was also very useful to have 2 people's hands to squeeze :lol: (LOL). My mum was brilliant though and shortly after the actual birth she left us on our own to have a little moment with our son!

  • I was adamant last time that I only wanted my Husband with me but as I was taken down to the delivery suite at 7am and didn't give birth until 11pm (in theatre!!) my Husband was really glad of the break when my mum came in and sat with me for a couple of hours (I had an epidural and also had hormone drip so was just sat in a bed being monitored waiting to dilate!)

    Had I not put my Mum down in the birth plan it would have been a lot harder to get her in with me so even if you don't think you want them it doesn't do any harm to write them down just incase!!
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