just had scan. no heartbeat :(

Hi everybody,

Sorry to put such a downer on things on here, just been for my 12 weeks scan and she said to open my top button as it was a low and then she was very vague. I said well can you see a baby and she was like erm yes but we need to do an internal scan, i said well at 12 wks u shunt have to have an internal u should be able to see it. She then said but i cant find a heartbeat and need to do it. I was told to go to the toilet, come back, undress and she did it with a second lady. After 10 minutes she told us. We were led into a room and told to make a decision, have a tablet and come bk in 2 days to pass it or have an op, she just kept saying well what do you want to do,

Felt like saying i dont want to do owt! Just want my scan pic n to go. We have come home nw and i have to ring when i have decided. But i dont want to decide.

Sorry to go on. We had only just come to terms with having this baby as he had snip bk in june, and was a shock!

The biggest good luck ever to any ladies still due their scans and massive congratulations to all who have had theirs and are nw protectively loving their bumps xx


  • oh my - i am so very deeply sorry to hear this sad news :cry: I'm sending you a massive hug over the water to you. I cannot imagine how you are feeling and hope that you find comfort in your loved ones around you.

    You are in my thoughts,

  • so so sorry to hear your sad news, big big hugs to you xx :cry:
  • oh i am so so sorry for you... big hugs xxx
  • G/C from DueinJune but just had to say how sorry I am for you. It is everyone's worst fear I think and my heart totally goes out to you. (((hugs)))
  • Oh no honey, I am so so sorry. Wish I could say something that would help image Huge hugs to u & your OH. Xxxxx
  • I'm sorry image you must be absolutely heart broken.

    Lots of love xxxxx
  • :cry: I am so Deepy sorry hun xxx Huge hugs coming ur way I am devastated for u xxxx :cry:
  • Oh hun I'm so very very sorry. That nurse sounded like a total witch. How awful.

    Huge hugs. Please let us know how you are. X
  • Thankyou all for your lovely words, it all seems so unreal at the moment. I have to go in for a blood test on sat and an op on monday. It just doesnt feel like its happening.

    Hope you all have enjoyable happy and healthy 6 months ahead x
  • Am thinking of u lots hun xx i hope u are ok image huge hugs xxxx
  • Oh you poor thing, how horrid for you both. Hope you are ok, take care xxx
  • G/C from another thread just wanted to say that I am so sorry x
  • G/C from DIJ but also wanted to say that I so sorry for your loss xo
  • hi 100100,

    i had a missed miscarriage in April, I would have been due last week, it never leaves you. They said baby got to 7-8 weeks, I,m now pregnant again, and had a 9 and 10 week scan, which were great but am still very nervous for 13 week scan on wed.

    It doesn't make it any easier but miscarriages are very common, and a lot of women and couples will understand exactly how you feel. It made my relationship with husband stronger

    I too had a d&c , I had to take tablets that am, and they gave me the most awful cramps I ever had in my life, I thought I was going to die. But before you know it, you,re in, and then you,re out., I was in daze and was numb the week end we found out and the day of the procedure. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy and my heart goes out to you and your partner. Nothing anyone can say will help, its something you have to just get through and I don't think I.l ever forget that baby.

  • How are you keeping one hundred thousand and one hundred?
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