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First Time Pregnant



  • I am loving fox's ginger nuts! They seem to be just the right level of ginger for me! Not too hot.

    Still feeling squeasy all the time and my boobs, well they seem to have a life of their own!

    Off for pizza for lunch today....x

    Hows everyone else's weekend going?

  • Hello and congratulations to all of you! I'm also pregnant with baby #9  and I'm excited as well!!! We have 4 boys and 4 girls already,no twins and yep I had to go through being pregnant 9 times not counting our very first pregnancy in 1992 which was a misscarriage. We learned a couple of months ago that we are expecting another girl!We have the first name,her name is Isabella.But we are still praying about the middle name. I must say that this pregnancy is really going fast and our baby will be here before we know it. Bless you all....
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